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A RGU Student's Guide to Studying Online

By JCooper 23 Mar 2020


Getting the Best Possible Virtual Classroom Results 

By Udeh Emeka (RGU Snr Student Buddy)

What is the Online Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is an online study platform or learning environment that uses technology to bring participants together across different geographical locations and usually takes place over the Internet. It is also a form of “distance learning” and does not require a traditional physical classroom. It can take place from home, while on vacation, and at the office. An example is RGU Campus Moodle integrated with skype or MS Team.

Getting Started - The Essentials

  • Set a regular time to study with the instructors/ course mates
  • Have a functional PC connected to the internet
  • Connect with the team via MS Team, MYRGU App Skype and Campus Moodle
  • Remove all distractions (Feed your Focus!)
  • Have all necessary supplies (Stationery, calculators etc.)
  • Clear your desk and find a quiet study space
  • Set SMART goals
  • Stay Organised (5S Standard)
  • Take the 4D's Approach to assignments (Disciplined, Dedicated, Determined and Diligent)
  • Commit to each activity and participate with the team on the VC

Finding Good Place to Study

  • Home Office or Study Room if possible
  • Make it a dedicated study space
  • Ensure it is well lit and ventilated
  • Limit noise and distractions
  • Comfy chair and desk to maintain good posture 
  • Clean devices and surfaces regularly

Before Beginning Online VC Study

  • Develop a Strategic Study Plan and Schedule
  • Connect PC to internet
  • Have a functional username and email account (e.g. 18xxxx@rgu.ac.uk)
  • Set a secure password that you will remember
  • Download MyRGU App on Phone, Tablet or PC
  • Familiarise yourself with Online Campus Moodle Admins
  • Remember the 20/20 ergonomics rules (to reduce eye strain)

Log on to Virtual Classroom (VC)

a screenshot of a social media post
a screenshot of a social media post
a screenshot of a social media post
a screenshot of a social media post

Beginning Online Virtual Classroom Study

  • Take notes while Studying and interacting with the team via VC
  • Ask questions if in doubt (There are no stupid questions!)
  • Underline and highlight key ideas and technical registers
  • Set time schedules for each course or assignment (Time management is key)
  • Submit assignments ON or BEFORE the required deadline
  • Avoid excuses not to study or engage with the team in the learning and activity forum
  • Think about the END GOAL - The coursework and Exams

How to Improve Online Learning Habits

  • Develop good listening habits - good listening in the VC environment processes and retains information
  • Focus on the module objectives - try and avoid daydreaming or distractions!
  • Respect other people's views in the Learning Forums
  • Remember - Knowledge shared is Knowledge Gained (Support Others as much as you can!)

Engage in Learning Forums

  • Engage in the Group Discussions on areas not well understood
  • Look up further reading books, materials, and websites and ask instructors for more clarity. 

Getting the best possible results

  • KNOW the course work requirements
  • FOLLOW the instructions prescribed by the instructor (s)
  • SUBMIT course work on or before the required deadline
  • KNOW the exam timetable, fit and sit, and Confidentiality policies
  • REVIEW Past Exam Papers - spend time working on them over and over again...

While Studying, remember the 4'Cs

  • Critical Thinking - (Compare, evaluate and opinions)
  • Collaboration - (Networking, group discussions)
  • Creativity - (Originality, ingenuity, novelty)
  • Communication - (Honest, openness, confidence) 

Use a Mind Map

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Remember …  "Adaptability is key to Survivability"

Stay Safe in these trying moments...

By Udeh Emeka (RGU Snr Student Buddy)