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6 apps to keep you fit at uni

By AGoldhawk 30 Aug 2019

Want to keep fit but on a budget?

Well, we've got 6 apps that will get you into shape at a much cheaper price than any personal trainer...

If you’re someone who likes to exercise outside then you need to download the Strava app. Compete against your friends by sharing your achievements on social media and track your progress easily with your very own fitness tracker.


Are you looking to customise your own workouts to your favourite exercises and your fitness level? Well, Jefit does just that. The app has loads of exercises for you to try so the diversity of your daily workouts is endless.


Music is really good to keep you on track whilst you’re exercising and stops you from giving up. By using ‘RockMyRun’ you can search for the music that is most suitable for the exercise you are about to endure.


An app perfect for all the yogi’s amongst you or if you’re wanting to try something new! This app has plenty of yoga workouts for you to try out every day, give it a go.

Only got 7 minutes to fit in a workout? No worries, Seven has hundreds of different workouts that you can do all in only 7 minutes which is perfect if you have a busy schedule or just can't be bothered with an hour workout.

Couch to 5K

One You have designed an app to get you up and running in just 9 weeks. It's difficult to know how and when to start running, but this app motivates you and will give you the guidance you need. So, go grab your trainers and download the app!

Pick and choose your favourites and get to it!