Yasmin's Blog: Winter Exams Survival Tips

By Megan 03 Dec 2016

The university term is coming to an end, but it is only the beginning for those packed days and nights to meet the deadlines and to also juggle time revising for exams.

To add more, the weather itself is being unfriendly. You’ll definitely feel stressed and under the weather during this harsh weeks before the holiday begins. Here are my tips on how you can beat the blues and survive these few weeks:

  • Yoga for the Mind and Body

Even if you have zero experience, it is totally fine.
Perform some simple yoga moves like child’s pose and cobra. Cobra is great as it is known as an anti depressant pose where it helps facilitate your breathing while child’s pose helps releases stress as you stretch out your back muscles. Plenty of simple low intensity poses can be found online that can instantly give a boost to your day. Daily practice of the sun salutation is also a good way to start off your day.

  • Take Vitamin Supplements

Tis the season to start feeling more weak and fatigue than we usually do. Stock up on some vitamin especially vitamin D as we won’t get to see the sun often these days. Vitamin C is also another option as it helps boost your immune system (nobody wants to be sick a week before exam week!)

  • Find healthier food options

Keep food that is friendly for the body and brain nearby. Complex carbohydrates are important to keep you energize throughout the day especially to study. Food packed with omega 3 and monounsaturated fat will help with your cognitive functions.

Just stay positive and be happy!
Enjoy and make the best out of these dreadful several weeks cause it won’t last forever.

Study well!

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