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What to do with your unwanted Christmas gifts

By bzbeth 03 Jan 2021

We've all been there - a distant (or sometimes your closest) relative gets you a Christmas present that isn't really up your street...

And that's fine, as long as you thanked them!

Instead of throwing it to the back of your wardrobe and forgetting about it, put it to good use. Some things you might have not even thought about:

1. Get on eBay/ Depop

As the saying goes - one man's trash is another man's treasure. You might not love the clothes your Aunt/Uncle bought you but someone else might love it. List it online and get yourself some cash. Not sure where to start? Check this beginners guide.

2. Try out Shpock

This is the latest place to sell things you don't want or need. This is more for electronics, games, books, music etc. It can be used to find the best offers in your area so don't worry about spending money or postage. Well, it's not called the Boot Sale App for no reason! 

3. Visit your local charity shop

Do your good deed of the day, week or month and give your things to your nearest charity shop so that they can benefit those who really need it.

4. Find a British Heart Foundation donation bank

You can find these in car parks, on the high street or maybe even on your street corner. This is the easiest way to get rid of your unwanted Christmas gifts or something to bear in mind if you're having a bit of a clearout. Find your nearest one online!

a close up of a clothing bank

5. It's worth giving Music Magpie a try

If your gran and grandad bought you some CD's and DVD's that you have on Spotify or can just watch on Netflix, head to Music Magpie and they'll offer you money in exchange. This also works if you've been bought Fifa 3 times and if you can't be bothered to exchange or don't have a gift receipt. The newer they are, the more money you'll get!

6. Try Cardyard

Sometimes, there is nothing worse than getting a gift card for somewhere you'll never go - who actually uses a £50 iTunes voucher? That's where Cardyard comes in, you can trade your gift card for cash, meaning you put it to better use and both parties are happy! 

7. Did someone say re-gift?!

What is a secret between friends, eh? Sometimes you receive something that's not very 'you' but your best mate might love it! If you keep it in good condition there is no stopping you from giving it to someone for their birthday.

a hand holding a small box gift

Happy trading/selling/donating! Either way, maybe make a Christmas list in advance next year...

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