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Tyler's Blog: Three mainland Europe destinations to visit

By Megan 26 Nov 2018

My favourite cities, aside from Edinburgh of course, are Amsterdam, Paris and Hamburg. I will give you recommendations for each city, aside from the obvious sightseeing landmarks.


As you can tell from previous blog posts, I am a fan of Airbnb. Forget that when you are in Amsterdam. My favourite hostel in Amsterdam is the Bulldog Hostel. Part of the famous coffee shops, the hostel is right in the center of the red light district and has a bar/restaurant, attached coffee shop, and a rooftop bar. Demand is high, so if you want to stay there make sure to book in advance depending on the time of the year.

Sightseeing is rather obvious for Amsterdam. What I more importantly need to tell you about are the pub crawls. The Ultimate Pub Crawl in Amsterdam has two locations, the red light district and Leidseplein. I have done both and they are great. However, I do prefer the red light district crawl due to location and the atmosphere. Pub crawl combos and even boat tours can be booked from their website. I cannot speak for any of the other tours but drink deals, unlimited vodka for thirty minutes, and a free t-shirt (sorry guys, girls only) is well worth the 18 euros.


I used to stay in Paris with who I like to think of my Parisian grandmother, but she is no longer on Airbnb. I have friends who have recommended the Absolute Paris Boutique and Loft Boutique Hostel. Paris, unlike Amsterdam, has very cheap accommodation.

What is not cheap? Going out. I did do the Paris Bar Crawl but it was underwhelming. What I do recommend is the Sacré-Coeur area. This is a famous site in Paris, but behind it is a very nice square with street artists and restaurants. At night, people sell beer at the steps of the Sacré-Coeur, which overlook the city. During the day, there is a guy who does an amazing performance.

Even nicer at night, especially if you’re dating, is going to the Eiffel Tower with a bottle of wine and a couple plastic cups.

Paris is an amazing city and there is so much to see. If there is one thing I love to do there, it is getting lost. Just get on a train and find any stop that has multiple connections and look around; there is bound to be something.


Deutschland, or the Dirty D as I like to call it has a lot of great cities and Hamburg is one of my favourites. I have family in this city so I do not know about accommodation but I can offer more insight on the city.


If you love pubs, clubs, casinos or ladies of the night, this is your area. Also known as the Kiez, this is the party area of Hamburg where all of the UK seems to go for their hen and stag parties. In the winter and summer, there is a huge fair at the Reeperbahn called the Dom.


This is for all of my Hipsters. This part of Hamburg has all of the great and sometimes odd drinks and food you expect with hipsters.

Other Tips

With the day tickets, you can ride on the boats for free on the Elbe River. Hamburg has lots of little canals, so renting a canoe from Anleger-Hamburg is well worth it on a nice day.


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