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Tyler's Blog: Mastering the Airbnb Hustle

By Megan 24 Oct 2018

Leave the everyday hustlin’ to Rick Ross. On Airbnb, you only need to put in some work when you are looking to save money.

In an effort to gain new customers, Airbnb implemented a reward system for referrals. You can send a friend a £25 credit. If they chose to use this credit, you receive £15. The £25 credit is redeemable once your booking is over £57. Not difficult to do if you stay somewhere multiple nights or are traveling with friends. The £15 have no terms or conditions.

When I lost my account information, I searched Facebook and Twitter for people offering invitations and created a new account to receive the £25 off. Then I thought, why don’t I send out my links via social media? Well, Airbnb thought of that. Terms and condition state you cannot share your invitations over social media or other mass communication platforms. So don’t get too ambitious.

What I have begun to do is send invitations to my family and friends, which is possible via WhatsApp, social media messengers, and email. It is an easy 15 pounds and a good way to help friends save money, too. I have received 120 pounds in credit from this and on two occasions have been lucky enough to split the £25 my friend received when we traveled together.

No matter your choice, I highly recommend using Airbnb. It is a great way to save money, feel more like a local than being in a hotel, have more privacy and luxury than a hostel, and sometimes offers unique places to stay.

Learn about my economic trip to the highlands for suggestions when you make your way north in my next segment. It will also include the awesome experience using Airbnb provided me when I stayed on a boat in the highlands.

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