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Tyler's Blog: LinkedIn is your best friend

By Megan 19 Feb 2019

Did you know the UK is one of the most active countries for LinkedIn? Statistics vary, however, they are consistently ranked second or third for the highest percent of the population on the social platform.

Job sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, or Rate My Placement (a great website I recently came across) provide ample job opportunities. However, the positions listed on LinkedIn can sometimes be forgotten. LinkedIn also allows users to follow specific organizations. Therefore, when a position is offered with said organization, you will be notified.

Not only do organizations offer jobs on LinkedIn, in some cases they actively seek talent. Also, when you do apply to that job or internship, the potential employer will surely search you on LinkedIn. That is why I am going to offer some tips to boost your LinkedIn profile.

First, use a good headshot for your photo­; preferably with a solid background. It seems obvious but some people aren’t apparently aren’t aware. There are sites that recommend having a professional take if you aren’t rich or from London (still rich) just use a smartphone.

Think of your headline as a way to draw users to your account and your summary as a way to keep them there. LinkedIn headlines used to just be for your position. Luckily, that has changed because as a student your job may not reflect your desired career. Use terms which will be searched. For instance, “Digital Marketing expert with a focus on Strategy, Behavior Change, and Campaign Management.” If you can list multiple skills, perfect.

A summary is less straight forward. Here, you have the opportunity to market yourself. Instead of giving advice, I have embedded a link to different approaches you can take to writing your summary. Pick the one that is best for you and potentially suits your job industry best.

It does not end there, even if you do not have much experience. The accomplishments section on LinkedIn is a great place to feature work you have done. This could be both in a professional and academic context. Personally, I created my own ePortfolio, which I will cover in my next blog.

Remember, as a professional today, you are a brand. Take any opportunity to market yourself. These simple tips can make the difference in visibility and providing a professional image. LinkedIn isn’t just a platform for connections. Harness it and give yourself a better chance in a competitive job market.

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