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Top 10 healthy eating hacks

By BzDani 12 Jun 2017

Shopping healthy on a budget, meal preparation and attempting to make something edible can seem like more effort than what it's worth...

The good news is, you don't have to make massive changes overnight to be healthy! Sometimes it's better to take baby steps and just make one small change at a time. 

So, try these top 10 hacks to take a step towards a healthier you:

  1. Don't diet 
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    No dieting. Fad diets mean limiting yourself on what you can and cannot eat, and although you may lose weight quickly, as soon as you stop you will put the weight back on just as fast. Instead, listen to your body, everything is good in moderation.
  2. Don't buy junk
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    As they say, 'out of sight, out of mind,' so avoid buying junk food. If it's not in your cupboard it can't tempt you. Instead, stock up on fruits, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate for when you're itching for a sweet or salty snack. 
  3. Pack your lunch 
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    This may seem time-consuming compared to grabbing a McDonalds, but your waistline will certainly thank you for it. To save time, make a little extra for dinner to pack as lunch the next day, or make your lunch while you're waiting for dinner to be ready.
  4. Carry a water bottle 
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    Hydration is vital to your health. If you constantly carry a water bottle with you and keep it filled, you're more likely to be energised and feel less hungry. 
  5. Eat more fat 
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    Contrary to popular belief fat is actually very good for you, so long as they're healthy fats. Healthy fats, like avocado and nuts, will keep you feeling more satisfied, which means consuming fewer calories.
  6. Eat more, but eat less 
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    Sound confusing? You should be eating more small meals a day. Eating more meals a day helps keep your metabolism up and active, so long as they aren't large meals. Keep the meals smaller and some of them more snack-like.
  7. Get some sleep 
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    Yes, yes, we've heard it all before about the importance of sleep, but it's true. Sleep is key for a healthy body and mind. Your hormones are regulated while you sleep and help rejuvenate you for the next day. Make sure you're getting enough uninterrupted sleep for your body.
  8. Eat raw 
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    According to Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, you can eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you want (obviously, so long as they're not covered in creamy dressing). Eating raw means you will get all the nutrients out of those foods your body needs, rather than depleting the nutrients by cooking them. 
  9. Introduce yourself to the oven 
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    Say goodbye to the frying pan and hello to the oven. Try baking or grilling foods instead of frying them, for a lower calorie count and healthier option. This is an easy step that will make a big difference.
  10. Say goodbye to sugar  
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    Try to cut out all the sugary drinks and cut back on sweets. I know it will never be the same, but adding fruits to water or snacking on them- instead of sugary items- will make a massive difference to your energy levels and your waistline. 

Take care of your health, and remember, you don't have to change overnight, just take it one step at a time.

Happy, healthy eating!

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