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Stina's Blog: How to keep sane during exam season

By Megan 14 Nov 2016

As the semester is slowing coming to an end, deadlines are becoming a bit more stressful. Deadlines are starting to pile up and exams are coming closer and closer.
But don’t lose your head you’ve totally got this!
And in case you need a little help her are a few pieces of advice to get you through it.

  • Start Early

This might seem obvious enough but the best way to avoid stress is to be prepared. Start your revision and essay preparations way ahead of the deadline, this gives you time to deal with any issues early instead of on the day your assignment is due.

  • Take Breaks

There is absolutely no point in studying for hours without a single break. Not only will you be less likely to remember the things you revise but you will also be completely exhausted at the end of it. Have a snack, go for a little walk or just have a cup of tea and give yourself and your brain a couple of minutes to breath and relax.

  • Look after yourself

Don’t forget to eat or do the opposite and stuff yourself with lots of unhealthy snacks and fast food, either way you’re going to regret it afterwards. Instead try to enjoy a balanced diet and keep healthy snacks, like almonds, handy. Make sure you drink enough water and get enough sleep. All of this will significantly improve your study experience.

  • Make time for the things you enjoy

Your life doesn’t have to be all revision and assignments. Meet up with your friends, go for a run, paint whatever it is you enjoy do it! It gives you the opportunity to free your head so you can start your revision with a fresh mind afterwards.

  • Get help if you are struggling

Don’t hesitate to get help if you are struggling. The great thing about going to a relatively small university is that it is much easier to get a hold of people and get the help you need. QMU offers a great range of services that are there to help you.

So don’t lose your mind you can do it and remember that the Christmas break is waiting at the other end!

Good luck!

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