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Robert's Blog: The best apps to help you study

By Megan 13 Oct 2017

So you’re now well and truly into the first semester, you are enjoying (Hopefully) going to your lectures and taking down notes in your notebook or laptop. Then you hear the dreaded word, Assignment! You knew it was coming, you knew you could not avoid it but pushing it to the back of your mind seemed the better option for now. You tell yourself things like, “It’s not due for another week” or “I just can’t focus right now” almost every student does this at some point. Luckily there are a some very handy apps and browser extensions you can use to keep that procrastination at bay.

Here are five apps and extensions that will have you starting that essay in no time:

  1. Spotify

    A student’s best friend, you are probably already aware of Spotify as it is the most popular music app in the world. Create yourself a study playlist and put those headphones in. Several studies show that listening to music can help keep you focused and improve your concentration. With an almost unlimited library of music on Spotify you have a lot of music to choose from, or just listen to those same ten songs you really like.

  2. Forest

    If you need some motivation to put your phone down while you are studying Forest could be the app for you. You open the app and plant a virtual tree, (Seems silly but hold on) the longer you leave your phone the bigger your tree will grow, you can even have a virtual Forest if you leave it long enough. However, if you pick up your phone and start scrolling through apps your tree will begin to die. You don’t want the death of all those virtual tree’s on your hands do you?

  3. Ultidash

    Ultidash is a fantastic browser extension for chrome. When added it will act as your primary browser and when opened you will be greeted with scenic landscapes and inspirational quotes. Ultidash allows you to add a to do list to prioritise your tasks and will even generate a graph to show you just how productive you have been that day. The most useful tools of Ultidash are the site blocker and concentration timer. Pop in a few websites that will distract you, (Facebook and YouTube) select how long you want to concentrate, hit start and voila! You won’t be able to access those sites until the timer runs out. If you are using a Mac then a similar extension called SelfControl will do the same job.

  4. Blackboard

    Blackboard puts the hub into your phone, now you can keep up to date with course notifications on the go!
    The layout is much better than using the mobile site and all course and lecture materials are easily accessible. Blackboard even colour codes your courses to make that announcement look even more appealing. There is even a handy calendar which keeps you up to date with assignment deadlines that you can check with the tap of a screen.

  5. Cite This For Me

    Cite This For Me is a very handy mobile app to have. You can create a bibliography and use this to keep all your references pre generated. You can search for a specific text, journal or if you have a textbook at hand give the barcode a scan with your phone and it will create a reference for you. This handy app has a multitude of reference styles and you can even edit the references to include things like page numbers or editions. Once your bibliography is complete you simply tap download and it will send the generated references to your email ready for you to copy and paste them over to your document.

Hopefully you find these apps and extensions useful in your battle against procrastination. Cite this for me, Forest and Spotify do have premium features you can pay for but the free versions are just as good. Now go and get that assignment started!


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