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Robert's Blog: Student Friendly Food Places

By Megan 10 Nov 2017

Sick of eating frozen pizza’s and super noodles? (Student cliché I know) Do you want to eat like royalty but on a peasant budget? Well Look no further because below are five of the best places to eat in Edinburgh on a student budget.


  • Handmade Burger Co

If you love burgers then Handmade Burger Co is the place for you! Situated in Ocean Terminal this restaurant is fantastic whether you want to sit in and look out onto the water or even get your food delivered by Deliveroo. They have a wide range of burgers and sides that are all incredibly tasty, and if you have other dietary requirements they will still have something for you with them also offering gluten free and vegan options. Handmade Burger Co also offer student discount so flash them your matriculation card and get some incredible discount.


  • Taco Mazama

Taco Mazama has 3 locations in Edinburgh, Ocean Terminal, Princes Street and Lothian Road. Serving some of the best Mexican street food that you have probably ever tasted. Taco Mazama also offers a varied menu at which also includes vegetarian and vegan options and some low low prices. If you have a humongous appetite then you could also try their burrito challenge! If you finish a triple sized giant burrito in under 10 minutes you will get it for free! Post the fastest time in this restaurant and you will also receive free burritos until someone beats your time. If you are trying to figure out how big it is just imagine trying to eat something the size your forearm in 10 minutes, safe to say not many people have finished it.


  • Wings

This hidden gem located just off the Royal Mile is a great place if you are planning to go for food with some friends. If you’re wondering what their signature dish is, the clue is in the name, Chicken Wings. They do offer other options if you don’t eat meat such as the cheesy chenga (lots of cheese wrapped in a tortilla and fried) Wings menu also hosts around 50 different sauces to go with your food ranging from extremely mild to extremely spicy so there is a sauce for everyone. If you are planning to go along with few friends I would recommend messaging them on Facebook and booking the N64 Table, that way you can all play Mario Kart while waiting for your food.


  • Mosque Kitchen

If you’re looking for curry on budget then pop up to Nicolson Square and go to Mosque Kitchen. You can either buy your curry by the plate or pay a little extra and go for the all you can eat curry buffet. This place is a popular venue among all the university students of Edinburgh thanks to its incredible food and cheap student prices. Mosque Kitchen offers a wide selection of foods and serves both meat and vegetarian options and if you have any other dietary requirements the workers are always happy to accommodate your needs and advise you on the right dish.


  • Mamma’s Pizza

Located on the Grassmarket, Mamma’s Pizza is a must visit for all you pizza lovers out there. This cosy little pizzeria offers a range of different foods so even if pizza doesn't tickle your fancy one of their other dishes will. The Toppings list for pizza’s is one of the biggest you will ever see so if, for some strange reason, you like apple on your pizza they can offer that! The prices in Mamma’s Pizza are very reasonable so even on a student budget you can still try some of the best pizza in Edinburgh. Vegetarian, Vegan and gluten free options are also available at Mamma’s Pizza so nobody gets left out.


Hopefully reading this list hasn’t made you too hungry but if it has then why not pop down to one of the places listed and see what all the fuss is about. You will come away with a full stomach and it won't make a huge dent in your bank balance.

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