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Robert's Blog: Free Days Out in Edinburgh

By Megan 09 Feb 2018

So, you’re bored of sitting in doing nothing on one of the scarce days off that you have from all of that uni work. You would like to go do something but your bank balance says NO! Well here a few places around Edinburgh that are great for a day out and most importantly, they are all FREE ENTRY!

Royal Botanic Gardens

Located close to Stockbridge the Botanic Gardens are a great place to go if you fancy a leisurely walk to take in the fresh air. The Botanics have an array of beautiful plants and trees that are sure to have you snap happy with your phone or camera, some of the plants in the gardens were even around when dinosaurs walked the Earth! The Botanics also offer occasional exhibitions or talks on some of the plants within the grounds so you will be able to impress your friends with all that plant knowledge. If plants do not tickle your fancy then take a trip to their duck pond and make some feathered friends instead.

National Gallery of Scotland

If you are walking down Princes Street the National Gallery of Scotland is a pretty hard building to miss, the distinctive pillared building is home to some of the finest artwork the world has ever seen. Walking around the gallery you will be able to basque in the glory of several paintings, sculpture and furniture from several prominent era’s within the world of art. You will be able to spend a good chunk of your day within the gallery and you can also buy some replica’s from the gallery gift shop.

Greyfriars Courtyard

It may seem strange to walk around a graveyard on your day off, however, Greyfriars Courtyard is like no other graveyard you will ever come across. A certain amount of the graves within the courtyard even date back to the sixteenth century. If you are a budding Harry Potter fan and look closely you will be able to find the grave of Tom Riddle which, well, you know who he is right? Tom Riddle is not the only famous guest around the courtyard however as the grave of a certain Skye Terrier named Bobby is situated right at the entrance. Be sure to bring Greyfriars Bobby a stick when you leave, even dog ghosts like sticks.

National Gallery of Modern Art

Fans of modern art will need to visit this gallery if they haven't already. The grounds around the nineteenth century building are huge and they are home to several modern art sculptures. The grounds host a magnificent landform sculpture that looks like a giant snake has just passed through the grass. Inside the building you will also be able to find works by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse, and Andy Warhol. The gallery of modern art is definitely a must see.

National Museum of Scotland

If you haven't been to National Museum, what are you waiting for!? You will be able to spend pretty much the whole day here. There are several exhibits that will keep you occupied from dinosaurs to egyptian mummies. If you happen to be around at twelve o’clock you will be able to take in the millenium clock show where you can see all the innards of the clock in action. Head to the roof in the museum and you will be greeted with fantastic views of surrounding Edinburgh and the castle.

Hopefully this list has gave you some idea of things to do within your free time. All the places listed above are free, however, there will occasionally be special exhibits which you have to pay for. Enjoy!

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