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Robert's Blog: Edinburgh’s Stress Relieving Areas

By Megan 24 Nov 2017

If the thought of exams and upcoming assignments are stressing you out then why not pick up your shoes and jacket and head along to some of the most scenic, peaceful and stress free areas in Edinburgh. A short walk around these areas will clear your head and help you get started on your studying.

Arthurs Seat

Edinburgh’s own deactive volcano is one of the most scenic parts of Edinburgh. It is not difficult to climb as there are footpaths that will take you to the top no matter where you start. Once you are at the top you are you are blessed with the most magnificent views of Edinburgh with the castle and even the forth bridges in view. There are a few small ruins on the way up which make great photo opportunities for making all your friends jealous. If you’re not eager to walk to the top however you can just chill at the pond at the base of Arthurs Seat and feed the ducks and swans. Be careful feeding them however as they are known to be quite feisty.

Calton Hill

Just a short walk from the city centre Calton Hill also boasts some great views of Edinburgh and the surrounding area. It takes almost no time to walk up and when there you will be blessed with such buildings as the Observatory house, (Which can be rented out if you’re keen) the Playfair House and the National Monument which is a replica of the Lysicrates on the Acropolis in Athens. Calton Hill is also a fantastic place to watch the sun drop behind the Forth bridges if you go up at sunset.

Water of Leith Walkway

You can start your journey along this walkway from the Shore area of Leith and if you are keen you can walk the full 12 and a bit miles to the other end at Balerno. On this walkway you follow the water than runs through Edinburgh and along the way take in some extraordinary views as well as seeing some wildlife you would not expect to see in a busy city like Edinburgh. If you're keen to learn a bit about the history of the Water of Leith then use your phone to scan the QR Codes on the sign posts as you walk and learn about the areas as you pass them.

Cramond Village

Cramond is accessible by taking the number 41 bus from Hanover Street just off Princes Street. Once you are there you can take a walk around the village which has some beautiful houses, restaurants and even a cosy little pub! Cramond also has a magnificent little beach with nice views across the water and is a great place to walk around. If the tide is out you can also walk across to Cramond Island and explore the bunkers and shelters around the island which you can also go inside. If you’re planning to go across to the island make sure to check the tide times and have plenty of time to get there and back, you don't want to be stuck on the island!

Pentland Hills

The Pentland Hills are located right on the outskirts of Edinburgh but, still accessible by bus. These hills are so big you can spend an entire day and only walk a small portion of what the Pentlands has to offer. It even hosts an artificial ski slope! You will be able to see an abundance of wildlife at the Pentlands including sheep, cow’s and several types of bird as you walk. If you take advantage of the many trails that are available then you will see some great sights such hills, forests and lochs along your journey. After you have finished your walk why not pop into one of the pubs plotted around the outskirts for that well deserved drink.

Hopefully this list has been helpful in informing you of some stress free places to go around Edinburgh. Walking around these places will certainly clear your mind and get those creative juices flowing. Just remember to wrap up warm as the colder weather comes in.

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