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Robert's Blog: Best bars in Edinburgh

By Megan 31 Oct 2017

Looking for a place to go and take your mind off all that work you have been doing? Well look no further! This list consists of some of best bars to visit in Edinburgh and whether you like live music, quizzes, films, sports or even dogs! There's a bar on this list just for you.

  • The MouseTrap

Take a wander down Leith Walk and you will come across The Mousetrap pub. The Mousetrap is decorated with all the different props that you would usually find in the board game that it shares its name with and you can even play mousetrap while in the Mousetrap! It also hosts a small arcade section including several arcade shooters and pinball so you can release your inner child. There are a lot of drinks to choose from and if you like a White Russian then why not spin the wheel and be treated to a random, but incredibly tasty, variation of the drink. If you're lucky enough you might even get to meet their resident bulldog which wanders around making sure everyone is having a good time.

  • The Globe

Situated on Niddry Street, The Globe is the perfect starter bar if you are going on a night out. It serves a host of drinks from all over the world and even some local classics. If you are a sports fan the tunnel sections of the globe have giant screens which show all major sporting events so you can enjoy that match you wanted to see before your night out. Its central location and excellent student deals make it a must whether you're going for a few drinks or a night out. If you do happen to pop along check out their beer cap map of the world it will make a good addition to your Instagram feed.

  • Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey is a great bar if you like watching movies while having a drink. They have not one, but two locations in Edinburgh! You can either pop down to Leith Walk and visit the newer of the two or if you like originality the other location is situated on Drummond Street just off South Bridge. Both bars host a mid day matinee showing a selection of movies and they will even take requests on which movies to show. The one at Drummond Street even has a cosy little room through the back with soft seating which you can even lie down on while watching your favourite flicks. Just try not to fall asleep.

  •  Whistle Binkies

Also situated on Niddry Street (Right Beside The Globe) Whistle Binkies is a favourite among residents and visitors to Edinburgh. Whistle Binkies plays live music EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! If you show your student card at the bar you will be given a wristband which entitles you to fantastic student deals not only there, but in several other bars too. If you're looking for a bar with atmosphere then go down to Whistle Binkies, listen to some live music and dance your socks off.

  •  McSorley’s

A list of bars wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of an Irish Bar. McSorley’s on Forest Road is a favourite among students from all over Edinburgh. Flash them your matriculation card and they will hand you a McSorley’s student card which entitles you to some of the best student deals in Edinburgh. It has a great party atmosphere all week with it being a favourite among societies and sports clubs. If you like to participate in a pub quiz then pop along on a Thursday and try and win some magnificent prizes which include pitchers and bar tabs. All teams who enter the quiz are also rewarded with a free, YES FREE! Pizza just for participating. You have no excuse not to go now!


Hopefully you pop along to some of the bars on this list if you do I guarantee you won't regret it. Have a great time and remember to drink responsibly.

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