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Ridwane's Blog: Self-Care Tarotscope

By Megan 12 Nov 2019

SCORPIO - The Hierophant

I embrace non-conformity.

This card is asking you to read a book, not because it’s a best seller but because it speaks to you. Choose it with your gut.


I enjoy the process before the result.

This card is asking you to try your hand at gardening. Buy seeds, plant them. Water the soil every day, until you see a tiny green sprout growing. Feel satisfied by the process.

CAPRICORN - II of Swords

I trust that there are no wrong decisions.

This card is asking you to take the time to talk to a person you trust about fear. Listen to them, tell your story. Be kind to each other. Allow yourself and this person to be vulnerable.


I have the power to heal myself.

This card is the self-care card. It is asking you to cleanse yourself with water. In a bath, a pool or the sea if you can. Scrub your skin to get rid of all the bad energies you gathered.

PISCES - The Empress

I am creativity embodied.

The empress is asking you to follow your creative instincts. Paint your nails in a different color, change the way you shave your beard, try a mustache, change your haircut. Do something different.

ARIES - IX of Swords

I am a survivor.

This card is telling you that every suffering has an ending. If you can, go to an acupuncturist or get a massage. Breath through the pain to let it go. Or do some breathing exercises at home. Take the time.

TAURUS - The Emperor

I have every right to stand tall.

This card is asking you to learn how to say no, how to use your voice. Try and use non-violent communication to stand your ground. Make a list of things you don’t want anymore.

GEMINI - II of Wands

There is more out there for myself.

This card is asking you to stop waiting for the universe to send you a sign. Set goals for yourself. Take a notebook and try free writing. Write everything you wish for yourself without stopping for five minutes.

CANCER - Queen of Pentacles

I am connected to everything around you.

This card is asking you to try a spiritual grounding exercise. Sit somewhere peaceful and close to nature. Feel the ground beneath you. Breathe deeply. You are within the world and the world is within you.

VIRGO - The Hanged woman

In stillness, I learn to surrender and let go.

This card is asking you to find a way to transcend your body and add spirituality in your every day life. Do light movement exercises, like stretching every morning or every night before going to bed.

LIBRA - The High Priestess

I trust my gut.

This card is making you to visit the waters. Stare at it, meditate on the way it moves, looks, the reflections, how it feels. Meditate. Think about what could make you feel as good as this meditative state. Do it.

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