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Ridwane's Blog: How To Use Tarot For Self Care

By SarahWhelan 05 Mar 2020

How To Use Tarot For Self Care: A Simple Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is a practice of intuition. You could think, just like I did, that you have to learn the cards and their meanings by heart, study tarot for years to be able to interpret them. You really don't. All you need to do, and everybody can do that, is trust your gut and observe the cards.

Everything you need to know is on the card and within you. If it is what the card means to you, it is the right meaning. You can always add to this what you know about the card after reading about it but, what counts is your gut feeling and what it means to you during the reading. A card can tell you different things at different times. 

I will show you how to do a simple one card tarot reading. You can use this type of reading for yourself when life seems too complicated and nothing seems to make sense. It happens to everyone and it is OK. Life is a whirlwind of emotions, and this mercury retrograde can be very stressful. 

Pick up your deck. If you don't have one, you can use an app like or Pick up a notebook you can dedicate to your tarot practice. Using a reading as a writing prompt helps you get your emotions out. It is also something you can read again to remind yourself everything will be OK.  


I also light a candle sometimes, burn some incense, and put some relaxing music on. This time I chose a track from Spirited Away's soundtrack.  

Now, deep breath. Let's start. 


Any spiritual or mystical practice exists to help us gain clarity. We want to see better, see further, see what can't be seen right away.  


The first question you can ask the cards is: How can I see things more clearly ? 


Draw a card.  


I drew the King of Swords. 


Now observe and describe the card to yourself. Breathe. Write it down. 


He is holding a sword, pointing to the sky. He is not standing up but leaning on a stair case going up to his right and his feet are on another stair case going up to his left. The stair case to the right goes to an oasis full of palm trees. He is facing those stairs and turning his back on the other stair case which goes much higher. The sky is cloudy but the sun is shining. He seems lost in his thoughts, his head facing down. 


What do you think is happening in this card ? Tell it to yourself, then, write it down. 


The King of Sword seems ready for battle (his sword) but he also seems hesitant. He is trying to decide which way to go. (the two stair cases). If he goes left, he'll know where he will end up, it seems nice and comforting. If he goes left, it seems he will go further but he can't see where. It is frightening and thrilling at the same time. The sword pointing up, and the stair cases going up seem to be reminders that even if the sky is cloudy, the sun still shines. 


What can that mean ? What would you tell him if you were to give him an advice ? 


Substitute the King of sword for yourself, sometimes it is easier to be compassionate to someone else. 


Maybe (start this way) there is no right decision, no right way to do something. Stand up and put your feet forward. Go that way. Follow your intuition, trust yourself and your body. Maybe it's already pointing in the right direction. Remember the sword you are holding, you are invincible. You are the King of Sword. You have everything you need to be victorious. The sun is with you. The clouds protect you. And any way you choose to go, you can only go up. 


Now, replace 'you' with 'I' in what you just wrote. Write it down. 


Maybe there is no right decision, no right way to do something. I will stand up and I will put my feet forward. I will go that way. I will follow my intuition, I will trust myself and my body. Maybe it's already pointing in the right direction. I will remember the sword I am holding, I am invincible. I am the King of Sword. I have everything I need to be victorious. The sun is with me. The clouds protect me. And any way I choose to go, I can only go up. 


Close your eyes. Say it out loud 3 times. Before each time, take two deep breaths. The deepest breaths you took all day. 


End with a new mantra. Out loud. 


In conscience, I, /your full name/, will see my fear of /making the wrong decision/ (replace with what came out of your reading) become pure light. So be it . 


How do you feel ? Better, right ? 

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