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Ridwane's Blog: First Semester 'Tarotscopes'

By Megan 14 Oct 2019

A ‘tarotscope’ is a mix between astrology and tarot, a reading of both the stars and the cards. If you are as addicted to symbolism as I am, you are going to love this. At the start of each semester, I am going to interpret the stars through the lens of one tarot card I am going to draw for each sign. You can read both your sun sign and your rising sign for a more complete reading.

You can find out about your sun and rising sign, and full natal chart here:

This semester is all about new beginnings and finding a balance between our desire for adventure and our desire for structure. Managing the stress of this new (or first) year at uni will not only be possible after the work is done but also through an outlet.

Two main astrological events this semester:

  • Mercury goes retrograde on the 31st of October but fear not ! It’s true, during Mercury retrograde, it’s better to triple check any text or social media post we write and it is vital to avoid all the exes who try to come back into our lives. But with the sun in Scorpio, this mercury retrograde is also going to be an incredible time for self discovery and transformative experiences. We will learn patience.
  • Capricorn season (21/12 to 21/01) starts with a bang. The second eclipse of 2019, the new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn, asks us to start fresh a few days before the new year. What are your needs ? What aren’t you getting that you desire so much ? The holidays will be a time for setting intentions and building new foundations before the second semester.   


I am ready to shine a light on who I really am and feel the warmth of hardly earned self-realization.

This is your time to thrive and shine, charming Libra. You are all about balance and harmony and balance, you will be able to achieve this semester. Your radiance reflects on everyone around you and you feel flirtier than ever. You have reached the peak of the famous libra seductiveness. You are as active in seminars as you are in karaoke nights at Maggie’s. Even after your season ends, you keep your optimism thanks to Jupiter’s strong energy. However, even if your card, the Sun, fills you with a powerful cosmic energy, remember easy is not always best. Scorpio season will be here to remind you that empowerment never comes without painful realizations. The sun doesn’t only shine. It burns. Who are you beneath those glittering layers ? What projects will answer to your soul’s purpose ? Say yes to new opportunities. Don’t sit too comfortably on your throne of light. Get up and take a step towards who you really are.


I welcome success and empowerment into my life as my birthright.

Mysterious scorpio, you can shine too. This card asks you to pay attention to the Leos around you. The way they walk through campus with confidence, the way they shine. You don’t have to keep your radiance a secret. Maybe try and step out of your depths for a little while. This semester, show up and grab every opportunity to use your voice and be a part of uni life. But be careful, during Sagittarius season, it will be so easy to get lost in your priorities. You always try to give all your time and attention to others as if they were unlimited. You are intense and generous this way. Downsize your engagements so you can do more. Go for coffee instead of dinner so you can study more like you promised yourself. Join one society and really commit instead of exhausting yourself trying to juggle drama, badminton, writing and musical theater. Have you ever thought that maybe scattering yourself was another way of hiding from others ? Guess what ? We want to see you. You are beautiful. 


My dreams and my drive make me feel alive, I feel even more alive when I put myself first, focus and preserve my never ending energy.

You are a proud and great wanderer, you shoot your arrow in all directions, trying to touch everyone. But what about you ? Who shoots in your direction ? This card represents Saturn in your sign. Saturn is asking you to keep yourself in check. Is your way really the right way ? You try to do so much at the same time. You have a long list of dreams to realize, of goals to achieve, of wisdom to gain… The list is as long as your drive is strong. Yes, your natural optimism is your blessing and keeps you from burning out too quickly. But what about in the long run ? With Neptune leaving its retrograde course this semester, we all get a break, not paying attention to our fears become easier. We are allowed to dream again. But my dear Sagittarius, your ability to dream is so strong already. You will need to be careful not to lose yourself in your fantasy world, in your idealized vision of what life should be. Who are you doing all this for ? Shoot an arrow in your own direction for a change and see what happens. 


I have the power to build the life I want and be the person I want to be and I know nothing is more valuable than when it is fully enjoyed and shared.

You are good at control. Can you feel the part of you that wants to let go ? You have always dreamed of being swept off your feet by an unfamiliar and exciting energy. This is your moment. This expansive energy calling you is Jupiter, let the Sagittarius around you inspire you to share the results of your hard work. Interestingly enough, this card represents your sun sign. This is a strong message you might want to listen to. This semester, you will go through a transformative experience if you accept to release a bit of control. You will be torn between your fear of not having enough, of always feeling like you deserve more materially, socially, intellectually and your yearning for something different, your need for a break. Mercury retrograde is the perfect time for that. This is the excuse you were looking for. Yes, you need to be independent, reliable and strong in this crazy world but, stop for a minute and enjoy the life you have built for yourself. You don’t always need more. Enjoy a well deserved break. You can relax.


I find balance and success when I connect to my mind and body and slow down my pace.

Unique and generous Aquarius, you can have it all. Believe it. Spiritually and materially. You might not believe this right now. You always go for the tallest mountain you can find but this semester, the climb is harder than usual. You are alright. You are given the opportunity to challenge and pace yourself. I know this seems contradictory to you but hear me out. There are two ways of climbing a mountain. You can either go fast and focus on arriving first and having the strongest performance or you can focus on what gets you there, the process. Notice all the changes you are going through on your way to the top. This is going to be a slower journey than what you are used to. Just like our Taurus friend, Mercury retrograde is going to be an ideal moment for a change of rhythm. This Temperance card is asking you to temper your drive. Refill your own cup. You possess everything you need to feel complete in and out. Try and add spirituality in your life everyday, whatever that means for you. Meditate, take a walk, exercise your body and your mind. 


When in muddy waters, I rest so that when I come back to the surface, my scales will shine brighter than ever.

You are so strong and you might not show anyone, but the waters you swim in are not too comfortable now. This card is about the momentum after a defeat. What will you do now ? When you’re low, rest. This semester will all be about accepting your shortcomings, accepting you’re not the perfect student you think you have to be. Nobody is, not even Capricorns, no matter how hard they try ! A part of you wants to spend hours studying in the library. Another part of you wants nothing else than crash on Maggie’s couches, eating, drinking all day, diving into those heartfelt one on one conversations you like so much, falling in love with every person you talk to, getting drunk on people’s beauty. Those waters are familiar and in those, you feel invincible and you shine. This card, as well as the strong influence of Chiron, the healer, in the sky, are telling you to let go of this dilemma.There is a silver lining here. You are not all about work. So what ? You’re not all about play either. Both are important to you. What is healthier than that ? Trust the process. You will feel better soon. 


I am my shadow and I love myself no matter where I am in my life.

Aries, you firehead ! Balance is not your forte but you sure know what you want. Usually,  at least. Those last few month instilled doubts in your otherwise impenetrable head. How are you doing, really ? There is another question you’ve been worrying about. Who are you ? After the 7 year cycle of Uranus in your sign, you really feel like moving on. You might have had taken big steps to do so this semester. However, the frustration is big. With Chiron in your sign, you still have a lot of healing to do before starting the long awaited new chapter of your life. And we all know patience is a complete stranger to you. There is no way around it, restless ram, you will have to wait and accept this part of yourself you’d like fixed right away. This is what the Devil card is all about. You’ve been working hard on yourself, like you are a machine with parts that need replacing. But what if you didn’t need fixing ? What if you could coexist with your shadow ? It is you after all. Try being compassionate towards yourself this semester.


I believe I can have the life I envisioned no matter what the universe throws at me, I can adapt and learn from unfamiliar territories.

Strong-headed Taurus, wouldn’t you like it if everyone agreed with you all the time ? If the universe agreed with you all the time ? For you, this semester is going to be about learning to deal with frustration. We know you adore comfort but there is a lesson to be learned here. Do not close yourself to the idea just yet. You are so smart, dear bull. So smart at protecting yourself. This card wants you to think about what happiness really means to you. When you close your eyes and think about « happily ever after », what do you see ? You want to succeed at uni and in every society you joined. Will you achieve this by standing your ground or by shaking things up ? Well, the stars will make sure you have no other choice than being shaken up. Buckle up. You are in for an uncomfortable but transformative ride. You will be fine. Thanks to your pride and intelligence, you will make this journey yours. You will even enjoy it in the end. After this semester, you will be ready for anything. 


If I answer my emotional call and reassure the ego twin within me, I can make my dreams come true.

Beautifully complex gemini, you feel everything and its contrary, don’t you ? This semester, those emotions are your fuel. Your emotional intelligence and your wit is what everyone loves about you. You feel strong right now. You feel the expansive energy of Jupiter. You want to conquer hearts and minds. This semester, you will enjoy team work even more. If you enjoy the fluidity of team work organization, you will also focus on interpersonal relationships, making it your goal to form new connections. But just like for everyone else this semester, you will need to make sure to find a balance. Is this a seduction dance dictated by your ego or simply your strong optimism reflecting on all areas of your life ? Really pay attention to the people around you, only this way will you be successful in both uni and personal endeavors. 


I take time to rest and recharge so I can be the kind and warm person I want to be.

Warm and welcoming cancer, just like our Leo friend, you truly are a great friend. You care so much for your friends and your family. You like to invite people over and cook for them, you are always ready to help out and send your notes to your sick classmate. But lately, you’ve been feeling a bit dissatisfied. You’re having a harder time dealing with your emotions. You have so many and you are tired. This card asks you to press the reset button. Take some time out. Go off campus, walk around Edinburgh on your own. Treat yourself for a change. Or nap. All weekend. Create a safe nest under your blankets. Mercury retrograde is the perfect time for that. It is ok not to be able to do it all; study, work care for the ones you love, have a social life and care for yourself. Nobody can do it all at once without exploding. Some weeks are for resting. Protect your energy and it will thank you with more.


I deserve all the attention I crave, I care for my inner child so I can care for the ones I love.

You are a true leader, flamboyant Leo. People tend to go to you for advice and support. You always know what to say and many of your friends benefited from your practical skills. You are a great listener and a committed friend. But who helps you ? This semester, you will have to find a balance between parenting others and parenting yourself. This is what this card is about. Don’t lose sight of your inner child. You need attention and care too. This semester, you will realize how much you do for others and how much you need reciprocity. You are a Leo after all, you deserve all the attention you can get. Before demanding it from anyone else, give yourself the attention you crave. This way, you will be able to embrace being a leader and an adviser to the people you love without feeling like you are not getting anything back. The solar eclipse in the end of the semester will be a culminating point for you. You will be in peace with the fact that wanting attention is not shallow. As long as you give, you can receive. And you know how to give, beautiful Leo.


My abilities to grow and love myself and others make me feel like the goddess that I really am, but only if I take care of myself. 

Your feminine energy is strong, right now, graceful virgo but you are conflicted between your many doubts and your unwavering belief that you are powerful. This semester, to feel truly fulfilled, maybe focus your attention on yourself a bit more than usual. You have always been a force of nature when it comes to preparing soil for growth. Celebrate yourself for that even if you might not feel it right now. For you, this is a perfect moment to do background work that will ease you into exam week and the semester to come. But do not focus only on uni work. The solar eclipse before the new year will find you content if you take care of your doubts, if you nurture your inner garden as well as all the gardens you give so much care to. If you more than often look divine, you are still human. Your worrisome nature always jumps out. Make sure to channel your brother Taurus’ energy and find time for a lot of self care this semester. This way, when the solar eclipse with occur before the new year, to the question ‘Are you getting what you desire ? ‘, you will be able to answer, ‘Yes, I receive as much as I give.’

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