Parking Permits

By Megan 19 Aug 2016

Single Day Permit

We know there are some staff or students at QMU who like to come in and out unnoticed, therefore a single day permit is available from finance or the main reception. The day pass "scratchcard" costs only £5 and can be purchased in advance at either location.

Annual Permit

The rest of you are welcome to a more frequent permit that runs annually.

There are 5 types available to Staff & Students. The 3 below are applied for directly by staff and students

While the 2 below are organised and paid for by departments for particular job roles.

Permits must be applied for fresh each year. If a permit is surrendered for any reason, you may be eligible for a pro-rata refund.

Apply for a permit today

Permits are allocated on the basis of need, against specific criteria, such as distance and availability of public transport, medical need, or adult or child care needs. Students living in on-campus accommodation will not be permitted to park on campus unless exceptional circumstances apply, e.g. students on placement.

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