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Mark's Blog: Flatmates = Family

By Megan 10 Nov 2017

If you don’t already feel like one big family after 2 months in halls, then you’re not doing it right! Many stereotypical family activities can be applied in this case to help bond with your new brothers or sisters (or even mums!).

One thing that works well, in my experience, is cooking dinner for each other and eating all together as one big family! This can help ease some of that homesickness cause you will feel right at home with others.

One of the best things to cook is the classic roast dinner (not necessarily a Sunday roast, you can cook this whenever you like) because who doesn’t enjoy roast chicken?

Another genius idea that has been floating around my flat is talk of doing activities together, as one big flat. The one name that keeps arising is “Escape Rooms”. These allow you to see what your flatmates are really made of in the face of danger!

Have a chat with your flat mates today and think of some fun activities you can all do!

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