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Mark's Blog: Benefits of living in QMU Halls

By Megan 24 Nov 2017

QMU benefits from being a brilliant campus university, so all of the facilities and classes are all situated right next to each other!

This creates a great opportunity to take advantage of what is available!

  • Facilities

The academic facilities available, both off and on campus, are brilliantly available thanks to the LRC's 24/7 operating times, and their online remote access system that allows you to work on uni work wherever you are!

As well as this, the library stretched the entirety of the main campus building so there are plenty of resources available there!

  • Gym

QMU doesn't cut corners when it comes to providing high quality gym equipment! The place is fully stocked with cardio machines and there's a fully stocked weights room just down the corridor too. They also run classes every single day varying from Zumba to spin classes so there's something for everyone!

  • Societies

Contrary to popular belief, societies aren't only for sports! As well as having societies for rugby, basketball, and football; QMU has societies for theatre groups, comedians, dancers, and even horse riders!

Queen Margaret University is fantastic for finding out what you want to do with your free time due to the number of societies, or if none of them appeal to you, find 9 other like minded people and form your own one!

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