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Maja's Blog: Do you listen to what your body is saying to you?

By SarahWhelan 28 Feb 2020

Diet culture is currently on the rise. Throughout the years, multiple different diets and approaches to food have emerged causing everyone quite a bit of confusion.

‘Keto’, ‘Paleo’, ‘Raw’, ‘Gluten free’, just to name a few. But even within these diet terms, there is a lot ambiguity going on. Many of these are contrary towards each other, for example ‘Keto’ diet promotes eating a high in fats and low in carbs diet whereas a ‘Raw’ diet is mostly based on raw and unprocessed fruits and vegetables making it extremely high in carbohydrates. 

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Although some people claim to have found a certain diet that works wonders for them, there are many other individuals who are getting more confused with every new approach to food that is presented to them, mostly somewhere on the Internet. Because of that constant confusion we are slowly losing our own ability to judge and decide which foods are good or bad for us. We do not know anymore, if we should listen to our own hunger cues or follow a strict meal plan that indicates what and when food should be consumed by us. We tend to immediately approach and accept a certain diet because it gives us concrete and specific eating guidelines to follow, without having us take some time and effort in order to research it thoroughly. Diets simply give us a ready-made, instant solution that ‘fits all’.

The problem is that no diet can actually be suitable for everybody. It is due to the fact that we all differ from each other significantly and are really complex as individuals. This is why one person can thrive following a ‘Gluten free’ diet and another one can feel completely miserable by eating like that. Moreover, even for that first individual, the way they experience the diet can change depending on a season, week or day. It is also dependent on many other external factors such as hormones, weather or even mood. All of these can impact how one is feeling on a particular diet on a daily basis.

So which diet should I aim for? (One may be thinking.)

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to that question. The whole idea in finding the right eating style is to forget all we already know. It may sound quite odd, bearing in mind that all these diets have so many specific rules and indications that are considered to be crucial to their followers. However, there is one eating ‘trend’ on the rise, that seems to be completely opposite to what is already known about dieting. It is based on ‘intuitive eating’. Remember when you were a child, eating and drinking anything you had the appetite and craving for? This is exactly that. Your body was sending you signals that it is thirsty or hungry and your aim was to satisfy those needs. You probably had no idea back then what a calorie was, neither a ‘keto’ or ‘paleo diet’. And yet, your body manged to thrive.

The intuitive approach to eating is exactly like that. It is all about returning to our primary skills and resources that used to be the only indicators of what we should or should not consume. We need to try and listen to what our own bodies compass is telling us and follow it. It can seem quite difficult at the start as our dieting habits turned our instincts off. But as soon as we try and get rid of all these rules and guidelines, our intuition will come back, ready to lead us towards our personal diet style that actually fits. 


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