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By StuartSport 29 Apr 2020

We all need to look out for our mental health during this pandemic. Making sure we allow some me time out of our day to stay active has many benefits. Taking 30-45 minutes out of your day to workout, whether it’s high intensity or lower intensity, will get our hearts pumping and release endorphins that will increase the mood for the rest of the day.

During this period I’ve been focusing on short and high intensity workouts. Instead of a long drawn out, hour long session, I’ve been setting challenges for myself and completing them along with a few friends!

One of the challenges that we completed was 100 rep challenge which consists of:

• 25 burpees
• 50 mountain climbers
• 25 squat jumps

Beginners - Try 2 sets
Intermediate – Try 3 sets
Advanced – Try 4 sets!

It’s a brilliant way to make yourself feel good and keep healthy. There are so many benefits of exercise so why not check out the link from NHS and give yourself a reason to work out!…/exercise/exercise-health-benefits/

Stay Safe!



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