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Lockdown Stories.......Connor

By StuartSport 29 Apr 2020

During lockdown I’ve been trying to keep myself active by doing a daily outdoor walk in the evening and by doing short little home workout throughout the day. The home workouts are normally HIIT based and last no longer than 15-20 minutes. I like to stick to simple (but tough) exercises that can be done anywhere such as jump squats, press ups, burpees and planks!

At first I found lockdown difficult to adjust to as my normal daily routine was chucked out the window. I have found that going on my walks and doing these little workouts (even if I’m feeling lazy) has really boosted my overall mood, kept my fitness levels up and most importantly kept me sane throughout this strange time.

This article on the 5 keys to a healthy diet would is a really helpful read, follow the link below to read it if you have time.


Good nutrition is vital at the best of times for our physical and mental health but even more so now that our exercise regimes may be restricted. The article reminds us that by sticking to these basic principles we can keep ourselves in good shape and be ready to get back into the gym!

Stay safe!



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