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Library Account Book Challenge

By AmyLibrary 25 May 2020

Are you stuck reminiscing about the days when you could waltz into the library with a wee bag and fill it with all the books you think you'll need to ace that essay? Thinking fondly of those podiatry books with gnarly toes on the front cover? Wishing you were desperately finding the paper thin play among the thousands of other similar looking ones in our collection? Trying to catch that feeling of opening a book for the first time and just KNOWING it's going to be one hell of a reference? 

How about spending some time looking at your borrowing history then! Once you have logged into the catalogue (top right hand corner) you can see the link for your borrowing history in the options on the left hand side of the page. THis is extremely helpful if you're trying to reference something you've had to return but every one of your books is similarly titled with the same generic blue cover with late 90s square-based pattern (why do you do us like that, academic texts?)

And while you're there checking out your history, why not try out our challenge below! Feel free to let us know your responses on Twitter or Instagram!

What was the...

First book you borrowed?

Latest book you've borrowed?

Most fun book?

Book with the worst cover?

Most helpful book?

Least helpful book?

Book that took the longest to get through?

Book you would recommend to course-mates?

Book you wish you had written?

a person using a laptop computer sitting on top of a book shelf


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