Learn Something New

By SarahWhelan 26 Mar 2020

Studying the same subject all the time can cause you to loose interest, try to shake things up by learning about something unrelated. 

Research has suggested that learning new skills and knowledge throughout your life can help increase white matter in the brain and create more neuron pathways. 

Pick Up An Instrument

Whether its a £10,000 violin or a £5 tin whistle, learning a new instrument is a great use of your time. Nowadays you can learn right from the comfort of your bedroom, Youtube is filled with How-to videos, sheet music and examples. 

Check out local antique shops or car boot sales for instruments-just give them a clean first, especially if it has a mouth piece!

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Download A Textbook

Visit the librarys online catalogue and download a textbook about a subject you've never studied before. There are 100's of e-books, thesis' and journals available for free to all staff and students.

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Try Bitesize

You may be thinking BBC Bitesize is for kids but it is a great, free resource that you can use to brush up on skills you've forgotten or pick one that you never studied.

They have handy revision sections and test. It is oddly addictive!

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Sign Up To A Course

Find an online course online or sign up to evening classes at a local college or university. You can find free or paid ones on all subjects, from wood work to poetry.

Try out:

sewing machine

Get Crafting

Crafting can be a great way to create something unique, up-cycle something old or just relax. Studies suggest crafts like sewing and painting can be beneficial to those with depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

So dig out some old paints, re fashion that skirt or make someone a card. 

There are loads of handy websites available to guide you through or check out Pintrest for ideas. 

Listen To A Podcast

There are podcasts available for every interest (if you find there isn't one for yours, why not start your own!)

Check out:

  • 99% Invisible if you want to hear about design and architecture
  • More or Less for statistical debates
  • No Such thing as a fish for general knowledge form the team behind QI
  • The Documentary covers world events

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