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Laura's Blog: The mystical island of seals, bogs and deer

By Megan 12 Oct 2018

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Do you love adventures? Would you be interested in an adventure like never before? Well, trust me, a trip to Jura is exactly what you need!

Jura is an island in the Hebrides, just off the west coast of Scotland. It is inhabited by 200 people and around 5,500 red deer. The island is divided into two, and the larger chunk of the top half is deer central. It is also the wildest place that you will ever see. There are these cute little huts dotted around the wilderness called ‘bothies’, which are available for anyone to stay in overnight allowing for all day hikes.

So now you know about the island, let me take you back to when I went to Jura.

Last May, days before my last big assignment was due for Uni, and before I started a hectic two-week placement, my Scottish boyfriend and I decided to go on a wee camping trip. We both had been feeling quite stressed with all the work and realised that we needed to just get away and find peace in the wilderness. So, we decided to go to the wildest place that he had ever been to: Jura.

Firstly, we had to take a mini cruise in the most incredible boat I have ever been in to get from the mainland to the east side of the island where our bothy was - one or two days walk from the nearest road. I just remember how my first glimpse of our beach, our OWN beach, reminded me of those stories where people get beached on an unknown island. Let me tell you, I was definitely feeling more and more at peace the further away from civilisation we got!

Hello vacation!

Okay, so being completely isolated from any other humans is not exactly the ideal vacation for everyone but let me encourage you to experience it for yourself! That afternoon we went for a 5-hour hike around the top of the island, following goat’s trails and meeting deer, seals and (I hope) a limited amount of ticks. It was absolutely amazing, and I am so glad that we did it. Immerse yourselves in these pictures:

Oh, and the evening was simply bliss! Imagine being able to watch the most beautiful sun setting, while drinking scented mango green tea, and listening to the calming atmospheric notes of the wind and sea.

If you want to read about my second day on the island, along with more details and pictures of day one, visit my personal blog.

There are regular ferries from early April to late September from the mainland at Tayvallich to Craighouse, Jura. This will take you to the bottom of the island which is less wild, but nonetheless absolutely stunning! There are also some bed and breakfasts and self-catering accommodation dotted around this part of the island. More information can be found here.

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