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Laura's Blog: Last Christmas we lost each other at the markets

By Megan 28 Nov 2018


It was the day that Reslife had planned for ice-skating. We were so excited!! Well, I was ;) Iulia, my flat mate, and I were going with some others from uni to the Christmas Market Ice-skating rink in St. Andrews Square. Being half Finnish, I absolutely loved ice skating, and without sounding too boastful, I do skate pretty well. I mean, I do skate backwards and am practicing skating with turning on one leg backwards. Iulia, on the other hand, had not been skating before, so my aim was to help her enjoy her first time skating, while hopefully getting in some rounds myself. And I really must tell you, Iulia did not fall and was so amazing for her first-time skating!! They had these really cute penguins, or as she calls them “pingwins”, that gave you a sturdy base to hold onto which slide along on the ice. Here Iulia and I are having a brief rest before heading off skating again.


After skating we met with our other flatmate Jennifer and her sister. We had then planned on meeting another two girls from our flat at the Christmas markets. Little did we know how hard that would be. We had to take lots of selfies all around the markets to let the other two know where we were. In the end we decided upon the Ferris Wheel as a meeting place, which we thought was a very good idea, until we realised that both Sixian and Caroline were wearing dark colours like all the rest of the tourists ;) Anyway, we met them in the end. And then because we spent so much time looking for each other I realised that I had to go.

I had wanted to make these special cookies, called Palmier biscuits, and finally had some free time, so the next day Iulia and I decided to make them. I was so excited!! Not that we needed extra baking though on top of the two cakes we already had ;) Interesting fact, the biscuits are named Palmier, which means palm tree in French, because the shape of the biscuits looks like palm tree branches.


So firstly, you need to make rough puff pastry. This isn’t as hard as some people might think. You just combine the butter, flour and water into a dough. Don’t combine the butter completely!! You then place it in the fridge, and three times you take it out and fold the dough in rotations.


After that we made the cinnamon sugar and rolled the pastry up in it with the marzipan, sliced the pieces up and then baked it in the oven


Iulia thought they looked quite like butterflies when joined. I have to say, I can’t really see the resemblance to palm tree branches. Nonetheless, they were amazing!! If not a tad too sweet ;)

I hope this post has encouraged to start thinking that baking isn’t that hard. And if it hasn’t, come around to my flat and you will get the baking bug. If you want to read more from the original post on my blog last year, or on any other bakes, head over to the Baking Students blog.


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