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Laura's Blog: A short trip to the town of fairs, beaches and a castle

By Megan 12 Nov 2018

Are you needing a quick getaway? I have the perfect plan for you!! Take the train to the cute town of Kirkcaldy. It’s only an hour away!!

Last April my flatmate Iulia and I were feeling the stress of assignments. We also realised that, while we see each other every day, we hadn’t actually had a proper day out together. The answer? Iulia planned a very spontaneous day trip to Kirkcaldy to see the longest and oldest outdoor market in Europe. According to her planning, the train would take just over an hour, and we would have around 5 hours to spend enjoying the market, going on rides, and walking to the Ravenscraig Castle.

We had an amazing view of the Forth of Fife as we crossed over the Forth Bridge. It was very calming looking out over the sea to the boats and all the seagulls flying overhead.

When we arrived, we followed the signs to the beach, where the market was located. It was so busy! We then decided on two easy rollercoasters, both of which were for kids!

We then played archery, where Iulia managed to get a bullseye and receive a plush toy, which she promptly gave to a kid who would treasure it more (and because the toy would be a hassle to take back to university).

When we were all thrilled out by the market, we went down to the peaceful beach. It was such a lovely day!

I had wanted to go to the castle, and we still had time before we wanted to be on the return train, so we went for the 20-minute walk to Ravenscraig Castle. The castle was originally used as a royal residence, which makes me think how amazing it would be to live with such an amazing view! The castle even had its own beach!

a river with a lush green field

We ended up spending so much time sunbathing and singing Avril Lavigne songs at Ravenscraig castle that we missed the return train we had intended on taking! Oh dear. Luckily, there was another one that we took half an hour later. We were both so glad for the trip to spend time relaxing!

I hope this post has inspired you to take the short trip to Kirkcaldy! Read more on my personal blog.

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