Larissa's Blog: A walk up Arthur's Seat

By Megan 02 Nov 2015

I just got back from Arthurs seat, and I feel good!

Myself and friends Becky, Jo and Kathryn got the train into Edinburgh and walked to the bottom of Arthurs seat; it was great to get a bit of fresh air.

When I seen the impending climb however, I was thinking; what have I got myself into! It was mostly uphill so we were all sweating walking up, but it was a good workout. My legs were still aching from basketball the day before and I kept thinking I was going to fall! I was more scared getting back down than up.

The scariest part was the sign we passed as we were walking up which said: BEWARE OF FALLING ROCKS. This made us feel really safe lol!

However, the views were amazing from the start of our journey all the way to the top.  We got a lovely day for it as well, the sun was shining and it was so warm, with a nice breeze at the top. What do you think of the views?!

We sat down for some snacks before we 'stumbled' back down. I got very muddy but it was so fun.

I can now say I have walked up Arthurs seat; Tired but feeling good!

Here is a before and after - not too bad if I must say!!

Before    After


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