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Juuso's Blog: SIM plan tips and recommendations

By Megan 28 Mar 2019

When I first moved to Scotland, I realised that I need to get a SIM deal with a UK number because it would have been very expensive in the long run to use my Finnish number here. Some deals have free EU data, or similar offers, which means that you can use your phone in Scotland without any extra cost. However, some of the deals have little print terms and conditions, for instance, that you need to visit your home country every three months in order to keep using the free EU data outside your own country. In addition, we’re living stressful times with Brexit, and after the final departure date (whatever it may be, if it ever even happens…) the EU-deals might not include Scotland anymore. So here are some suggestions for a SIM deal that might come in handy.

One deal type that students living in halls might consider are Pay as You Go deals, which is pretty self-explanatory. You top up your account and are charged for each minute, text and MB you use. This might be useful for people, who live in halls and have access to the WiFi nearly all the time. The weakness of this type of plans is that if you run out of credit you are unable to use your phone.

Another type of Pay as You Go -deals are so called ‘bundles’, in which you buy a chunk of minutes, texts and data at one go, for example you pay £10 for 500 minutes, 5000 texts and 2GB of data (O2). This is usually a cheaper way to use Pay as You Go.

If you wish to have a more regular and ‘normal’ type of SIM plan I can strongly recommend Voxi. They are a mobile network (trading under Vodafone) designed especially for young people, and in fact their plans are only available for under 30-year-olds. What makes these plans so great is that they include endless social media, which means that if you have a 2GB per month plan, you can still use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, and all other social media without using your data. I, for instance, pay £10 a month for unlimited texts and calls, and 6GB of data, and I have never been even close to running out, because I use my phone mainly for social media. Another great thing with Voxi is that if you add £3 to your monthly payment you can get 100 international minutes, which means that you can call home! In addition, Voxi plans can be cancelled at any point and they do not send you bills. It is like a Netflix subscription; the money leaves your account automatically every month. Easy, and impossible to forget.

Besides Voxi, there are dozens of different kinds of deals from different companies. The research that I have done for my needs for a phone deal showed that Voxi is the best option for me. However, I do encourage you to check other operators as well just to make sure that you get the best deal for you. Some of them offer, for example, unlimited data or cashback for unused data. Here is a link to a few of the best known ones: Vodafone, Three, Giffgaff, Virgin Media, Smarty, iD Mobile

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