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Jessica's Blog: My Writing Process

By Megan 10 Nov 2017

This post is going to be a little different. I’m currently working on multiple reviews and I have many interviews to process which got me thinking, it might be nice to share my process. So, sit back, get a cup of tea and join me on the step by step journey that results in each interview and review.

First, a basic step it may seem is to check the band out. Now some I know due to being friends with members of a band but I honestly mostly use social media. Twitter and Instagram have been my best friends for the last year. Normally I will contact a band and attempt to gain their support however, sometimes they will approach me. After I have established the band/artist to review it is a case of doing my research. I look at all music they have produced, other forms of media, fan base and social media presence as these are all factors which need to be considered. From this I note the good things about the band and areas in which they need to work on (bear in mind I have no musical ability, take from that what you will). Usually I make multiple lists and if I have any questions to organise this would be the point at which I decided what information I would like to gain. This is particularly important and can be beneficial if a good relationship with the band/artist has already been established. Further from this, I break down musical content by splitting the piece into sections and focusing on not only musical quality but also other factors like lyrical content. After all the research has been done its time to hit the review.

The writing of the review probably takes the least amount of time in the whole process. The research much like academic writing is the most important as it provides a platform for opinion. My job as a reviewer is to not only provide praise where due but also hint towards areas of improvement. It is vital however, that as a writer you are able to do so with a level of self-confidence as pure honesty is needed. The writing itself doesn’t need to be complicated and as much as I feel I could be more technical in wording, I don’t want people to need a degree in music to be able to understand any points I make. The writing itself is a combination of all the research carried out and is a general summary of all the points in which I think are valid. If I find a catchy song that I maybe constantly sing after listening to, I will make a point of mentioning it. This can be vital in inspiring others to listen and follow the band. Sharing the review or interview is the last step which is easy to do with the level of social media access we have today. I usually share my produced content on Wordpress, where my personal blog resides, Facebook, Twitter and of course here for all my fellow students to see. I also will mention the review or interview post to the band/artist in question while remaining open to any feedback they may have. This has greatly helped me in my development not only as a writer but further as a person.

Lastly, I would like to ask if any students would like to recommend bands/artists I can look at to do so and if anyone produces their own content let me know, it would be great to hear from more local musicians!  

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