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Jessica's Blog: Live Music in Edinburgh

By Megan 24 Nov 2017

We are lucky enough as QMU students to live only a short journey away from Edinburgh. Therefore, we can use the opportunity to expand interests and occupy our minds with a variety of entertainment. The music scene in Edinburgh has recently taken a blow with the closure of Studio 24 yet there are still some promising venues keeping the music scene alive.

Various open mic nights are held throughout various bars around the centre of Edinburgh including Bannermans (Cowgate), Whistle Binkies (South Bridge) and Banshee Labyrinth (Niddry Street). There is at least one on each night of the week somewhere in the city centre and it’s always a good way of meeting and discovering local artists. If you’re looking for a quite bev and some great songs to jam to, the Black Rose Tavern on Rose Street is a great place to hit on a Tuesday night. There’s a few great guys who perform regularly as well as a variety of people taking the opportunity. Get talking to everyone and your night is made!

Bannermans, as previously mentioned, also has a great number of small gigs throughout the year with variation in the genres of music played. These are usually particularly good during the Fringe festival in August but Christmas holds a lot of promise for the Scottish music scene. Other bars and even clubs have something to offer in terms of small gigs like Opium located on the Cowgate. Here music is mostly anything from rock to metal but it is definitely worth checking out, especially during the themed nights! If that’s not quite your cup of tea then check out the live music nights at Cabaret Voltaire on Blair Street which give a general mix of genres for something to please everyone.

If you’re looking for a more chilled night, Banshee Labyrinth is a great place to head. Live music is a great option with the exception of karaoke on a Tuesday giving you a chance to display your own musical talents on the stage! Even if you don’t particularly enjoy the music on, there is the cinema in the back which offers three movies every night for a super chilled out night with friends. Failing the great places mentioned, always look around town, a walk round Edinburgh leads to great discoveries and there is always something for everyone if you just open your eyes!

Edinburgh is a great place for music, let’s enjoy it and make the most of the opportunities we have.

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