Ieva's Blog: Why I 'solo travel'

By Megan 02 Nov 2015

Nowadays it’s extremely difficult to find the right time for everyone to go on that much needed break. Some people try to compromise the time suitable for everyone but usually this doesn't work out... And when your friends have time, they don’t necessarily have the money to spend.

In this situation you’d be surprised by how many people don’t consider solo travelling.

Solo travelling might seem a little scary at the start but once you introduce yourself to it, it may become a great experience. There was the time when I was desperate for a trip but unfortunately none of my friends could go; either time or money issues. I just couldn't stop myself because of these reasons so I tried solo travelling.

It is a great experience to have. People don't spend enough time with themselves and I hadn't done this either. Surprisingly I was not lonely or even alone as there were always people to talk to. When you are with your friends it closes your opportunities to start talking to fellow travellers.

The most important thing is to break standards and fight your fear.

I am so glad I did.

Solo travelling has taught me a lot because you are on your own and you are solving everything out for yourself. I sometimes panic too much and if I was with somebody when problems occur I would probably expect them to help me out. It was a great eye opener for me.

One time when I travelled alone, my luggage got taken by someone else - our bags were mixed up. I was really stressed but being alone really encouraged me to act quick and think about what to do. It was kind of like the feeling you get just before exams! A bit of stress can sometimes be very useful!

Solo travelling is a great option for those who need a break and are not afraid to go it alone. Here is one of my favourite posts on why travelling alone is a great option.

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