Ieva's Blog: Why Denmark is great for a city break

By Megan 17 Nov 2015

Do you guys know the feeling when you just have enough of everything and need a small break?
Well it is more possible than you think, even on a student budget...

Denmark is not far away only an hour’s flight with return's running the next day.  I decided to book the deal and travel to Copenhagen to explore the city. Before I went I had so many questions and those were mainly, will I like the country, how I will get around,  are things expensive there? Many people tend to say it is, but converting the pound to krone helped!

Denmark met me with a day full of sunshine – perfect weather to explore, right :)

I came out of the airport and had no idea how to go to the city centre. Luckily the majority of people were very friendly and explained things. Most of them speak English which was perfect too because I had no clue of how to speak Danish – google translate does not always help (I would have many stories to tell).

The public transport is very advanced in Denmark and a person can travel to places very quickly. There are trains, buses and metros every 5 – 10 min to almost everywhere. Isn’t that great? So eventually I managed to reach the central station I looked around the city, went to see university of Copenhagen and Nyhavn

Nyhavn is a great tourist attraction which I really enjoyed. There was a canal and those very colourful houses in my picture - something different to the grey Scottish landscape :). It is very easy to reach by public transport it just takes a while to get used to the stop names.

I have met some friendly people who came to Denmark for a visit – they helped me to get around on the first day (I think I would have ended up somewhere towards the border!!) Luckily I purchased the all-day ticket for metro, bus and train.

Denmark is a place with many friendly people, nice places to see and it’s only an hour away by plane. I would definitely recommend a visit! Denmark could be compared to Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Norway but not as expensive.

Denmark is a great stepping stone for beginning your travels.

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