Ieva's Blog: Lithuanian Language Tips

By Megan 18 Mar 2016

Have you ever thought of travelling to Lithuania?
It may not seem a destination of interest but being from there, I can't recommend it enough! I sometimes come across UK tourists - and you never know, you might be one of them some day!

You might also meet some Lithuanian people around you - like me :)

Saying a few words in another language is great for breaking the ice, so here are some basic Lithuanian phrases:

  • Hello – Labas
  • How are you? – Kaip sekasi?
  • It is nice to meet you – Malonu susipazinti
  • What is your name? – Koks Tavo vardas?
  • Where is the bus station? – Kur autobusu stotis?
  • Where is the nearest restaurant? – Kur artimiausia kavine?

If you are worried about the spelling and the pronunciation, why not check out Curtis' Blog on languages - he offers some good advice on websites that can help you learn a language the right way.


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