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How To Help: Covid-19

By SarahWhelan 19 Mar 2020

Things have become very strange over the past few weeks with the arrival of the Corona virus in the UK. Working from home, closed business, online classes and empty shelves. 

It is a scary time for a lot of people and there are a lot of unknowns and things outwith our control. There are, of course, no positives to Corona but, there are things we can do as individuals and communities that will make the current situation just a little bit easier. 

Tucked amongst the news about increasing cases, press conferences and symptoms, are stories of communities coming together (physically or virtually) and individuals going out of their way to help friends and strangers alike.

Top of the list for tackling Corona is being aware of your own health and those around you. If you or those around you are showing symptoms then it is recommended to self isolate. Check out the NHS website for the most up to date guidance.

As much as you may feel you can handle the symptoms, there are those in our communities who are more vulnerable to it, protecting yourself will in turn help protect them.  

Chances are that on your last visit to the shops you were greeted by empty shelves and you have been bombarded with images online of people with trolleys full of loo roll. 

Buying just what you need will help maintain stock levels and support those who are not able to visit several shops.

Individuals have been offering to collect supplies for those that are unable to get to shops due to self isolating or transport restrictions. There are some lovely stories appearing of selflessness and community spirit. 

To help reduce spread many organisations and processes are going digital. It is great in that it will help protect individuals but it can also leave people feeling isolated and lonely. 

Pick up the phone, do a video call, send a nice email. There's nothing like meeting in person but when that's not possible taking the time to check in with those you care about and spending some time listening to each other can really help. 

If you are needing to talk to someone then the campus' health and wellbeing team are still at hand. Find out more about the support they offer HERE

If you have extra food in your cupboards that is sealed and in date consider donating it to local foodbanks. Often foodbanks will have lists on their websites of what supplies they need. 

Reslife are collecting unwanted food from those leaving halls. Drop your cans and packets of in the trolley on campus.

Foodbanks can be under strain at times like this, supporting them is supporting your community.

If you and those around you have not been affected by Corona then consider donating blood. Donation centers remain open and have taken on further precautions to ensure donation can continue. 

Find out more and book and appointment HERE

Lastly, make sure you look after your self. Take time away from social media and news, keep incontact with friends and family. 

If you aren't required to self isolate then get some fresh air, take a walk or create a gym free work out. 

If you find yourself with more time on your hands then invest it in learning a new skill, read that book you've been putting off or brush up on your 2nd language.

It can be scary what is going on in the world, but it is also highlighting the great qualities of our communities, friends and strangers.

If you have any concerns or questions around Corona virus and QMU then check out the website which will be regularly updated 

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