Grace's Blog: My Edinburgh bucket list

By Megan 12 Feb 2016

When I knew I would definitely be living in and around Edinburgh I decided I would make a bucket list of things I wanted to do in the four years I was at university, these are just a few off that list:

  1. Walk up Arthur’s Seat – I haven’t yet done this, but hopefully if the weather stays half decent I might get to over the next few weeks, friends and family are always asking if I’ve done it and it’s still at the top of my list.
  2. Walk up Calton Hill – I was lucky enough to be able to do this back in November on firework’s night and it was incredible, we could see fireworks being lit right across the city and I definitely want to go back during the day.
  3. Go to Edinburgh Zoo – I visited the zoo a couple of years back and have been eager to go back ever since.
  4. Go on a ghost tour – I’d read about the ghost tours that leave from the Royal Mile and go through Edinburgh, I love hearing the scarier side of such a beautiful city and having now been on a ghost tour they’re definitely worth it for those of you who enjoy haunted buildings and ghost stories!
  5. Visit Edinburgh Castle – I’m lucky enough to have managed to get a few deals for free tickets to the castle and if you have the chance to go definitely do. It’s a great way to learn more about Scotland’s history and the view from the castle is incredible, don’t forget to stick around for the one o’clock gun being fired (1pm Monday - Saturday).
  6. Go to the Palace of Holyroodhouse - This one is still yet to be completed but from what I’ve seen so far Holyrood is incredibly beautiful. You do need to pay to go inside the palace itself (£11 for students) and they run exhibitions all throughout the year. You can also visit the Queen’s Gallery while you’re there which houses further exhibitions.

That’s some of my current list of places I want to visit during my time in Edinburgh, I’ve already ticked a lot of my list and I add to it all the time! I hope it’s given you some inspiration for places you might want to visit while you’re so close to such a historic city!


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