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Get toffee apple creative this Autumn

By Megan 07 Oct 2019

It is that time of year for Halloween, Bonfire Night and all things Autumn!

Is there anything better than putting on a Winter or Christmas (is it ever too early?!) movie, chilling in your PJ's and getting out ALL the cosy (but naughty!) winter snacks? Well... we have compiled a list of season friendly and very creative toffee apple ideas. Why don't you get all your flat mates together and give some of these ideas a go!

Taking a twist on the classic sugary treat bobbing around this time of year, we get creative with sesamecinnamon, sprinkle, chocolate and lots more seasonal goodness....

  1. Sesame wedges - for a more sophisticated snack segment your apples, caramelise some sugar and coat them in sesame seeds. Put them onto skewers for perfect snack to share.
  2. Chocolate dipped - melt some chocolate in a pan, dip your apples in and sprinkle on your toppings - simple! We recommend crushed smarties, mini marshmallows and gummy bears. Irresistible, but remember to let them set.
  3. Pecan pie caramel - brown sugar, corn syrup, vanilla and pecan nuts - the perfect pudding combination. Create your caramel and add some extra crunch to your apple.
  4. Colourful candy apple - ever seen a hot pink, fluorescent orange or bright blue edible apple? Combining white food colouring and a bright gel colour to your caramel mix makes an alternative apple that's pleasing to all the senses!
  5. Cosmic glitter - add some dark purple gel food colouring to your bubbling sugar mix and give your apples a twirl. Add a little blue gel frosting to some water and paint on for a galaxy glitter effect.
  6. Gourmet caramel - melt a packet of hard caramel or fudge in a pan, coat your apple and decorate with Thornton's style chocolate icing pens. Dip the bottom of the caramapple in some mini m&m's to top it all off.
  7. Nice and nutty - a simple twist on the classic recipe, melt your sugar, water, butter and syrup for the perfect glaze. Once it's nearly set sprinkle on some mixed nuts - a woodland friend's dream!
  8. Rainbow apples - coat your apples in some melted chocolate and add some sparkle with rainbow stars or sprinkles. Be sure to get them absolutely covered for the best effect and let them set for about 20 minutes.
  9. Gingerbread - who said toffee apples were just for Halloween? Throwing some cinnamon and vinegar (surprisingly) in the mix can give them a Christmassy touch and taste. 
  10. Lollipops - peel your apples, slice them, grab a cookie cutter and get creative. Pierce your new apple shapes with a lollipop stick and dip into the double cream toffee mix. Decorate with candycane swirls! 

*Enjoy responsibly* - you might want to brush your teeth after indulging!

Megan is part of the QMU Browzer Team
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