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Free For Students

By SarahWhelan 04 Mar 2020

Being a student can be great, it can also be tough on the ol' purse.

Luckily there's a few tips & schemes that will help look after those pennies.

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First and most obvious: Student Discount

Your student card is more than just access to library books and an embarrassing picture. It is swathes of discounts in shops and restaurants.

Cast pride aside and ask wherever you go

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Along the same lines: Co-op 10% discount

All Co-op shops offer 10% discount for students with a Young Scot Card, TOTUM or NUS card.

Find out more HERE

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Onto the bigger savings: Council Tax

All full-time students on courses lasting at least 1 year and with more than 21 hours study per week are exempt from Council Tax.

If not everyone in your home is a student, there may still be discounts available. 

Find out more HERE

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Now, the more complicated: TV License

Netflix is great and all but sometimes you need a wee reminder of home with a bit of BBC iplayer. However to stream BBC you require a TV license


In some circumstances students...

  • whose main residence is still their family home when not at university
  • whose family have a licencse
  • whose device is only powered by internal batteries
  • And whose device isn't connected to mains

will be covered by the families TV license. 

Click HERE to find out more and make sure you are covered

Illegally watching TV can incur a fine

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Onto the simpler: Microsoft Office

All you need to get Office 365 for free (not just a trial) is an eligible student email

Click HERE to find out more

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And the delicious: Food Taster

Become a Food Taster at QMU and get to try foods for free and earn £10-£20 vouchers.

It takes less than an hour and you can do as many or as few as you like.

The only requirement is that you don't have any food intolerances or allergies as they cannot guartee their absence.

Email consumerpanels@qmu.ac.uk to get involved

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And finally: Free E-books and Audiobooks

Now this one is not just for students

All librarys in Edinburgh offer free e-bike downloads. All you need is a valid library card and a thirst for knowledge or adventure.

You can access the e-books you download on tablets, smart phones and computers. 

City of Edinburgh

East Lothian Council

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