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By Megan 27 Apr 2016

Cycle Connections is launching Queen Margaret University’s student bike hire scheme.

If you are a student at QMU then you are invited to join the university’s new bike hire scheme – it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s free!!

Cycle Connections is delivered in partnership with Cycling Scotland.

  • Cycling around QMU:
    Cycling is a healthy and convenient way of travelling both around the QMU campus, and to other local areas. As well as the health benefits, cycling can reduce your journey time to many destinations.
    Here are some journey time comparisons between cycling and taking the bus:
    • To Edinburgh City Centre: Cycling 35 mins; Bus 46 mins.
    • To Fort Kinnaird: Cycling 9 mins; Bus 14 mins.
    • To Portobello: Cycling 18 mins; Bus 17 mins.

QMU Student Residences are conveniently located 50 metres from National Cycle Route 1, which connects QMU to the Forth Road Bridge via Edinburgh City Centre.

Access to Portobello Beach can also be gained from the National Cycle Route 1, the promenade of which makes for an enjoyable leisurely cycle.

    • Our Bikes:
      We currently have 20 high quality bikes available for hire in a range of sizes, accommodating people varying in height from 5'5" (165cm) to 6'3" (191cm).
      The Ridgeback Hybrid Speed is the perfect city bike and is suitable for all, whatever your cycling experience. The bike has front and rear lights, 21 gears and a rack and lock.
      Deposit: £50 (returned in full if you return the bike undamaged).
      Normal hire charge: £30 per semester (between April 2016 - May 2016 there is no hire charge!)


  • Joining the Scheme:
    Cycle Connections is available to all students at QMU. If you want to join the scheme and hire one of our high quality bikes, you may have to act quickly as there are only 20 bikes available!

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