Escape the four walls of halls and spend NOTHING!

By Lindsey 12 Jan 2017

Want to escape the four walls of halls this weekend – here are some top FREE things to do in and around Edinburgh!

Edinburgh, famous for its hills and castles, attracts visitors from all over the world. However if you need to save money but want to stay active here are some of my suggestions of fabulous FREE things to do!

Why not get a group together from your flat / block and make an event of it?

  • Climb an extinct volcano at Holyrood Park

A volcano in the middle of Edinburgh?! Even though it hasn’t been active for millions of years it’s definitely something not to be missed. If you’re up for the exercise, climb the famous ‘Arthur’s Seat’ peak for scenic views. Just don’t do what the tourists do and wear your little ballet pumps….this requires at least donning a pair of trainers. The path around the park is also a fab 5k run if anyone fancies some scenic exercise.

  • Visit the National Museum of Scotland

OK, so the word musuem has probably got you yawning....but this interactive and modern museum is really entertaining! There’s everything from stuffed wild animals to Scottish history and Dolly the cloned sheep of course!

  • Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens

Regardless the season, the Botanics are a great escape to admire nature's beauty and enjoy fresh air. From the gardens there is also a pretty nice panoramic view of the city skyline. And guess what….the entrance to the garden is FREE! (although a small entry fee applies to the glasshouses).

Keep checking out Browzer for more ideas of FREE things to do in and around Edinburgh!

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