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E-Books: Free Downloads

By SarahWhelan 20 Mar 2020

E-books are not a new phenomena and I'm sure you are all well aware of what they are but, did you know that you can access 1000's for free?

Edinburgh Libraries now offer access to all their e-books and audio books completely free to those with a library card (library cards are free to sign up to).

Click HERE to find out more about what is available and how to access them.

Don't worry if you don't have a designated device for e-books, you can download them to your phone, computer or tablet too. 

QMUs Learning Resource Center also has e-books, e-thesis, e-journals and more all accessible online, for free, to all QMU staff and students.

Follow the link to get discovering

Things have moved on a bit from the audio book cassettes you'd get for Christmas but the idea is still the same.

Digital books make knowledge and fiction accessible to even more people regardless of location, income, vision or ability (also great if you get car sick reading in vehicles but still want to get that book fix).

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