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By Megan 30 Nov 2015

With the holidays coming fast now, everyone is worried about exams and cramming in as much revision as possible. However, if you’re planning on travelling home for Christmas, or you’re a foreign student, you should prepare for a busy time when you set off. Here are my travel tips to ease your holidays and make your life so much easier!

  1. Get Booked Up Early. Try and book yourself in for rail and air travel as early as you can. Remember, travel costs go up around this time, so strive to book in earlier rather than later to avoid the hiked-up costs, and save yourself a few pounds.
  2. Plan Ahead. Whatever you do, don’t leave your packing until the last minute! You will almost always forget things if you’re rushing, and especially with exams taking up a huge chunk of your time you’re bound to end up forgetting something you really need.
  3. Try Not To Pack Too Heavy. One of the crucial things we all love about Christmas is the presents. If you pack your bag too heavy before the holidays have even started, you’ll have no space to bring back any of the gifts you are given, and will end up having to sacrifice things you probably need just as much.
  4. Double Check Tickets. The last thing you want when you set off for Christmas is to find you’ve forgotten your tickets. If you’re planning air travel, this goes for passports and boarding passes too.
  5. Leave Early. At Christmas time, the roads are always busy, let alone airports and train stations. Set off that few minutes extra and that way if you do get stuck in traffic, or the bus breaks down, then you have plenty of time to get yourself sorted out before you miss your train or flight.

Christmas travel can be incredibly stressful, but if you follow these tips you’ll no doubt have a lot more fun and a lot less drama.

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