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Cameron's Blog: Missing Game of Thrones?

By Megan 31 Oct 2017

Haven’t heard of Game of Thrones? Then “you know nothing”. Over the past 6 years Game of Thrones has become the biggest show on TV currently, maybe ever. With rumours that the show will not be back on our screens until 2019, people are going as mad as Aerys Targaryen. If you have been able to keep sane up until now well done. If you haven’t its ok, here’s a list of shows you can watch to keep your mind off Thrones’ until it comes back for its final season. I’ve included how it’s like Game of Thrones in case there’s certain aspects that you miss more than others. I hope you can survive the wait, which seems longer than many of characters live.

So if you are Missing Game of Thrones? Here are 7 shows to get you through til Season 8:

  • 3%

A Brazilian series released on Amazon last year takes place in a dystopian future where people are given the chance to make it to “the better place”, known as the offshore. But as the title suggests only three percent make it. Pulling on a Hunger Games vibe, this series has all the aspects to be a well-received show, from the director of critically acclaimed Brazilian movie City of God.

How it’s like Game of Thrones:

There’s betrayal, alliances form, there’s deceit, a revolution and everyone wants power… Sound familiar?

  • The Tudors

This historical fiction television series portraying the reign of one of England’s most famous King’s, Henry VIII. Over the 4 seasons it looks at some of the big decisions King Henry was said to have made as well as his infamous relationship with his 6 wives. Although not historically accurate this story is easy to follow, glamorous and could certainly fill the Game of Thrones void.

How it’s like Game of Thrones:

Its Kings and Queens fighting for what they want and believe they deserve. Plus, Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) is in it as Anne Boleyn. For how long? You’ll have to watch it and find out.

  • The White Queen

Two Women. Two Houses. One throne. Based on Philippa Gregory’s trilogy of novels it is more historically accurate than that of The Tudors. It begins with the overthrowing of the Mad King, and the new King of England marries commoner Elizabeth for true love. Or is for political gain?

How its like Game of Thrones:

This is set around the War of the Roses, the war that the Game of Thrones books are based on. The Lannister’s and based on the Lancaster’s and the Starks based on the Yorks. And there’s people fighting for the throne which I’m sure you’re used to.

  • Lost

Have I seen it? Yes. Does that mean I know what it was all about? Definitely not. But do I think it’s one of the best shows made? Certainly. What I do know is that a group of people crash on a desert island. As the get to grips with this living nightmare questions are being asked. Is it deserted? Is everyone who they say they are? Are they ever going to get off? With the introduction of new characters every season mixed with many cliff-hangers and plot twists the show cemented itself in TV history.

How it’s like Game of Thrones:

Character Development - There’s characters you love, there’s characters you hate and then there’s characters you hate to love but that what makes the show so intriguing and relatable. You’ll have your faves in Thrones and it’s the same in Lost. The enjoyable thing is there’s no wrong answer.

  • Black Sails

 As a prequel to Treasure Island this has big shoes to fill. However Black Sails has done alright for itself. It follows the infamous pirate Captain J Flint and the adventures that he undergoes as he accepts a new young recruit John Silver

 How It’s like Game of Thrones.

Violence. As you’d expect from a show about pirates this is violent. So, if that’s what you’re missing from your screens this is the one for you

  • House of Cards

It tells the story of Congressman Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey. After being overseen for a role in the government he makes it his objective to gain an even more important and influential position with the help of his wife, played by Robin Wright.

How’s it like Game of Thrones

Plot twists, deception, political insight. It has everything Thrones’ has just in a more realistic setting.

  • Gunpowder

A three-part mini-series that looks at the events of the plot to blow up the Houses’ of Parliament in 1605. The show looks at both the people behind the plot and those that are the targets of Guy Fawkes. Even if you do know the story it’s an explosive ride through history.

 How it’s like Games of Thrones

It has Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) portraying the lead role. Harrington’s ancestors were on different sides of this event with his mum’s ancestors on one side and his dads on the other.

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