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Alexa's Blog: 8 reasons to travel Europe in summer

By Megan 28 Mar 2016

8 reasons to travel to Easter Europe this summer

  1. It's cheaper. Eastern Europe is much cheaper than the west. Transportation, meals out, hotel rooms, souvenirs and visitor attractions? You can get them all for half of what you would have paid in a popular city such as Paris, Amsterdam or Rome.
  2. It's different.

    As someone who comes from Eastern Europe, I know very well that we're different. We're different when it comes to the way we behave, the way we see life, our cultures and the way we eat and dress. And that would probably be a very interesting holiday for you.
  3. You have a lot to learn. Eastern Europe offers a lot. Most countries there have escaped communism not long ago. You can still see ruins of communist buildings in popular cities and, what I find the most interesting is that you can still notice a certain fear and uncertainty about the future in people's eyes.
  4. Amazing people.

    Certain or not, Eastern Europeans are very nice and hospitable. I'm not saying it because I'm Eastern European myself, but because I heard it many times from foreign people. Eastern Europeans are just nice and very open, they love speaking to foreigners and showing them around.
  5. Amazing food.

    Prepare your taste buds for the best time of their life! One of the main reasons I love going home is for the delicious food. So much flavour, so natural and so much choice!
  6. Nice weather. This is an important one! We have great weather from March to October. In fact, summers might be a bit too hot, especially in the southern part (Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Hungary), so I'd recommend you to avoid travelling there July and August.
  7. Geographical and cultural variety.

    High mountains (the Carpathians), lakes and sea side resorts (Bulgaria is quite good at that). You have all of them.
  8. Amazing nightlife.

    The nightlife in some Eastern European cities is just...amazing. Really, just go to Bucharest for a couple of days. You can have £1 beers in the sun and then head to one of the (free entry) nightclubs which are open until the next morning.

Get your holiday booked now :)

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