8 things to know about the LRC...

By AmyLibrary 11 Sep 2019

The LRC is your place on campus to head for study spaces, books, journals, IT support and much more! Here are some handy facts about the LRC that may or may not be included in your induction!

You can mix up your study style!

We support learning your way. Are you a silent studier? Do you need to tag along with pals to keep you going? Prefer to use your own device or use one of ours so your own comforts aren't there distracting you? Whatever your study needs we can probably cater to them, provided they don't involve us hand-feeding you chocolate strawberries or giving you your own private toilet or something...

There are quiet rooms, silent rooms, group rooms and individual study rooms for you to choose from along with our main area which has open study space and soft seating areas!

We're ready when you're ready.

The LRC is open 24/7 every day of the year. If you're a night owl or (god forbid) an early morning person, the LRC will welcome you into its arms. The desk is staffed to a limited schedule so there won't always be a friendly face at the desk to help you, but you're welcome to come in and borrow your books, use the PCs or find a space to study with friends at 3pm or 3am, whatever floats your boat!

Please do note: we welcome you at all hours, bring your pals, order a pizza, eat your tea here. But please leave for rest in an actual bed. Just because we're always on doesn't mean you have to be! Rest is important.

We encourage you to STOP studying every so often.

Gone are the days of fusty librarians, perfecting their harsh shushing and making sure you have your nose pressed between the pages. We want you to be happy and healthy. Stop for a break, chat with a friend. If you're in a quiet room, pop out and see who's lingering in the open study area. Take a moment to clear your head with our 'Relaxation Station' where we rotate out our jigsaws and provide pens and colouring books for some well deserved you time.

Our reading materials go well beyond your required textbooks!

We've got your standard library textbooks obviously, but don't just stay in your lane. You're a nursing student: try reading up on your favourite film genre. Drama student: check out our extensive recipe books. Maybe you're an events management student who has an intense interest in Bauhaus architecture? We've got it all and a lot of stuff in between.

We also have an impressive collection of plays (which look very pretty when they're in colour order) and a huge bank of fiction books for some light reading in between essays.

It's always worth a regular visit.

Aside from being the best place to study on campus, it's worth coming in every so often to see what's new in the LRC. We have a book sale by the desk which features some great used textbooks at huge discounts which is freshened up every so often with brand new bargains. We've also got our display shelves which we use for promoting study guides, awareness days or special holidays depending on the time of year. There will always be something new for you to check out.

We're on social media and we love chatting to you and seeing your pictures.

As well as trying to be funny and chatting to you, we also post important updates about the LRC desk, IT updates and the university as a whole.

We're on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and you can find us on all @QMULRC. Tag us in your pictures or use #qmulrc to get involved!


We've got classics, obscure films, brand new releases. We've got something for everyone! Plus, if you borrow our films on a Friday you can have them until Monday. Recommended viewing: with popcorn, blankets and flatmates. 

And finally...

We're really friendly and helpful. We love what we do, and what we do is HELP! Please don't be afraid to come up to the desk to ask for anything and if we can't help we'll find the person who can. We've had queries ranging from the extreme to the quick and simple and everything in between, library related or not.

You can also email us at if you need any assistance.



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