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8 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas (that don't involve carving!)

By Megan 07 Oct 2019

Don't get us wrong, carving pumpkins for Halloween can be SO much fun...and it is traditional right? It can also be quite time consuming and messy.

Why don't you make your pumpkin stand out this year with our 8 non-carving pumpkin ideas. All you need is a couple of craft bits and your imagination...

  1. The 'Mummy' pumpkin - wrap your pumpkin up completely in bandages, stick a couple of googly eyes on the front and cut out a mouth from black card
  2. The 'Blinged out' pumpkin - why don't you stick some rhinestones all over your pumpkin to make it sparkle this Halloween? You could go really extra and make a spiderweb....
  3. The 'Glitter' pumpkin - cover your pumpkin in glitter glue or just glue and dip it in a whole ton of glitter. Try black or orange glitter for that Halloween feel
  4. The 'Chalkboard' pumpkin - paint your whole pumpkin with chalk friendly black paint then use white chalk to add messages or drawings
  5. The 'Eyeball' pumpkin - get creative with paint and paint your whole pumpkin white then paint an eyeball on the front using red paint
  6. The 'Coloured Card' pumpkin - why don't you cut out shapes using coloured card and stick them on your pumpkin? You could try bats or ghosts or even eyes and mouths and change the facial expressions on a daily basis
  7. The 'Fabric' pumpkin - got an old jumper or material lying about? Why not wrap your pumpkin in some fabric this Halloween. Using your leftover coloured card, stick on some Halloween themed shapes
  8. The 'Film themed' pumpkin - maybe this one isn't exactly 'spooky' but VERY cute right? Try painting your pumpkin to match a film - finding nemo is the most obvious but what about a minion or pokemon?

Happy Pumpkin Decorating!

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