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23 things that WILL happen in first year

By bzbeth 27 Sep 2019

Your first-year will be filled with many weird and wonderful moments.

You will make new best friends, stumble into the wrong lecture theatre and try your hand at cooking for the first time. 

But what else are you in for? Let's find out...

1. Walk into the wrong lecture theatre - It is very easy to get lost when you don't know your way around campus and every lecture theatre has the longest name. Try accessing them from the back end, so you don't end up walking into the wrong one in front of 200 students.

2. Go to a flat party with strangers - You will undoubtedly attend a Freshers' flat party with people you met only an hour ago. What better way to make friends than in a noisy, overcrowded student flat?

3. Visit a friend at uni - Going to see other universities is one of the best parts of being a student. You will make student mates across the country and enjoy comparing other campuses to yours.

4. Buy 'student' clothes - After a couple of months at uni, you will find yourself on ASOS looking at culottes, puffer jackets and maybe, even making a trip to the charity shop.

5. Forget to do seminar prep - With a buzzing social life, it can be difficult to stay on top of your academic work. You will turn up to a number of seminars or tutorials with no preparation whatsoever. Learn to think on your feet, freshers. 

6. Get Freshers' Flu - The worst part of first-year is accepting your deteriorating state of health. You are tired, sore and ill for a large part of the year. It's totally worth it though. Get yourself some cold and flu tablets.

7. Host a flat Christmas dinner - Your flat will try to make a classic English Christmas dinner, and almost burn down the kitchen in doing so. Don't even attempt to cook an entire turkey - buy it ready-made.

8. Realise you actually have to study - It is very easy to forget about your academic commitments when everyone is partying, socialising and having fun all the time. 

9. Decorate your flat for literally every holiday - You will soon find yourself addicted to Poundland's decoration section. Whether it's Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, St. Patricks Day or Easter, your flat will have seasonal decorations.

10. Experience a high school breakup - Whether it's your heart that's broken or your flatmate's, you will experience this at some point. When you live in such close proximity, breakups kind of take over the flat and everyone experiences them. 

11. Go on a wild night out with people you have just met - When you know no one, basically every night out turns into an opportunity to make new friends. Sometimes liquid courage does just the trick in awkward social situations.

12. Get roped into a strange Freshers' event - Freshers' Fairs are filled with the weirdest events. Maybe you will go rollerskating, participate in 'stitch 'n' bitch' or go on a day out with strangers - Freshers' does it all. 

13. Join too many societies - It can be tempting to join every society under the sun during your first few weeks. There is so much on offer. Remember that you are here to do a full-time degree and not to become a pro at every single sport.

14. Meet your uni best friend - It is so exciting when you finally meet someone you really get along with. You have a partner in crime for all your campus adventures and a shoulder to cry on when you are feeling homesick.

15. Go home - Going back to your hometown is bittersweet. You will be happy to see your family but you may also find yourself missing the independence you had at uni.

16. Freak out about exams - It's all fun and games in first-year until the exams and deadlines hit. You will get instant flashbacks to highschool exam season and the panic will set in.

17. Struggle to check out a library book - The library systems can be very confusing. There are so many barcodes, numbers and titles it is virtually impossible to find your book. It would help if people actually put them in the right slot as well.

18. Pick up new phrases - When you live with people from all over the UK and world, you are bound to pick up some random phrases and words.

19. Dress up in ridiculous fancy dress - Sports societies will have you dressing up in the most embarrassing outfits. You will find yourself wasting money on costumes for the whole of first-year.

20. Cook a disastrous meal - Student cooking is one of the most challenging parts of uni life. Trial and error is the only way to survive, and often this involves a lot of overcooked and ruined meals. 

21. Get homesick - This is inevitable when you spend months away from home. You may miss your family, home comforts or the culture - just remember that it's not long until you can go home again. 

22. Feel sad about first-year being over - At the end of first-year, the dread of second-year will start to set in. Your year of carefree fun is over and it's time to start worrying about academia...

23. Finally, do a proper grocery shop - After a few months, you will realise that buying a few odd bits of food in Sainsbury's isn't the most cost-effective way of shopping. You will finally do a big shop and SAVE SO MUCH MONEY.

Enjoy it and seriously, make the most of every single experience! 

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