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9 things we look forward to in Autumn

By BzAimee 12 Oct 2020

Pack away the suncream and short shorts (not that they had much use in the UK) because Autumn is here and we love it!

With nights getting longer, TV getting better and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes back in at Starbucks, what's not to love? 

1. The clocks go back.

Is there anything better than an extra hour in bed to make you feel top notch for that 9am lecture? I think not! The clocks going back means darker nights so make sure you're staying safe and not walking around on your own at night.

2. Cold weather = hot drinks. 

Hot chocolate before bed, a warm cider, mulled wine and please don't get us started on the Starbucks' and Costa seasonal menu. 
Oh. My. Word.

3. Food, glorious food.

Put down the salad and pick the pie up! Autumn is all about hearty, stodgy food and we couldn't be happier. You're never too old for a toffee apple or a bonfire lolly either!

4. You'll never be bored.

There's always something on the telly! Whether it's Strictly, X-Factor, the new series of The Apprentice or the latest Netflix series, you're spoilt for choice.

5. Your winter wardrobe.

The return of the woolly scarves, cosy hats, onesies meaning ALL the layers. Not only are they comfy but if you throw a hoody on, nobody knows whether you've still got your PJ top on underneath! 

6. Staying in > going out. 

Missing that Thursday night out for a film and a cosy blanket is now completely acceptable. You can even get away with a few Xbox/PS4 nights in too if you like - Fifa definitely hasn't got boring yet! 

7. Halloween.

For all of you who love to dress up, are into your art and all things creative or just looking for an excuse to party. Even if you aren't the biggest fan just give it a go and you'll enjoy it more. Pumpkins at the ready!

8. Bonfire Night.

It's pretty much the same carry on every year but we all love a bit of tradition. Keep an eye out for the bonfires and events going on nearby to get involved with the locals. 

9. Countdown to Christmas. 

Save the best 'til last! Seriously, who doesn't love Christmas? If you know someone still mourning the loss of summer, get some Christmas spirit into them!

So, join us in throwing on your comfies and enjoying Autumn.

And most importantly, don't forget to put your watch/clock back on Sunday 25th October!

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