Red Cities: A Boundary-Crossing Walk and Pub Quiz

By BenResLife 03 Jan 2017

Join us as we walk from central Manchester to the heart of Salford, passing landmarks of the two cities' radical past and including stops at the People's History Museum and the Working Class Movement Library, where curators will discuss significant elements of the collections. Our journey culminates at renowned Salford drinking venue the Crescent, where everyone is invited to take part in a pub quiz centring on the two cities' radical heritage. (Or you could just come along for the quiz!) From Friedrich Engels to Lord Horror, from the Suffragettes to the Hacienda - let us baffle your quizzing brain with radicalism in political, cultural, musical and many other forms.

  • 3pm Guided visit to People's History Museum 
  • 3.30pm Walk to Workng Class Movement Library
  • 4.00pm Guided visit to Working Class Movement Library
  • 4.30pm Walk to The Crescent
  • 5.00pm Talk on The Crescent, pie and pea supper
  • 7.00pm Radical Pub Quiz - with Prizes!

Free tickets can booked here.

For more information, please contact:

Lucy Simpson Tel: 0161 247 6740 Email: lucy.simpson@mmu.ac.uk


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